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Howlleon -> Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 6:58:09)

How about everyone, good day. First of all, I'm from Venezuela, and my English is not very good that we say, so I'm using a Translator, if I don't get to explain myself well, it's because of this.

I must clarify, this is not a suggestion or anything like that, it could be considered a theory that has been in my head since Friday.

The point is, will the old rare Calendar Classes return to DF? I think most are aware of the update in AQW this week, for those who do not know, ALL previous classes, (2011-2018), returned to the game, only they have had their respective buff, and have obtained an alternative version.

The latter mentioned are no different from their first versions, they are practically the same, only their appearance is different. These can be purchased with HeroPoints, or with 6,000 ACs. The thing is, I thought the same could happen with Dragonfable, because in this week's design notes, it's mentioned about a future news story about calendar classes. Will the same thing happen? and how will people who bought their respective calendars take it years ago?

If this really happens, will it be a good, or bad decision to leave these classes for DC or some item similar to HP? I would like to know the opinions on this, since for me, that buying a Calendar is very difficult for me, I would think it is quite positive if the new generation of players have access to these updated classes.

What do you think?

Dratomos -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 8:32:20)

First of all, happy to say that your english is perfectly understandable, even for a non-native speaker like myself.

But yes, I very much hope so that all old calendar classes will come back buffed and available for all players. Sure, it is very much work for Verly and I would take even just the regular versions.

Because not having access to them is just a huge waste for me. All of them have unique appearances and amazing animations, but them being locked for most of the players just isn't right.

They might be expensive yes, (I have no idea how much 6000 AC is, is it the same as 6000 DC?), but it's better than nothing.

Howlleon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 14:05:31)

Hehe, thank you very much for the comment.

Responding to the AC, 6000 would be around more than $ 20. (Currently with the bonus would be $ 20, since the respective payment of that package gives 5000, and add 2500).

However, I say that they are more than $ 20, because without this bonus, you would only get the amount you already mentioned before, and you would have to pay a little more to get said 6000. (There is only the option to pay $5 for 900 AC, there is no option to buy 1000).

If this happens, would it be fair to pay 6000 for the class, or would it be better to have a more affordable price? (It should also be mentioned, that in AQW you buy a call, which unlocks the store of the class that has been purchased, with their respective accessories and others).

AstralCodex -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 14:37:47)

Despite owning most of the Calendar classes, I really hope the older classes come back. They represent so much developer effort (and are almost a full quarter of all classes in DF to boot) that it'd be a pity just for them to go rare.

6k ACs is about the same as 6k DCs, so I expect 6000 DCs in DF as well.

I know that in AQW the classes were buffed/partially revamped, but as DF has a smaller team, I think it's fine just to release them as is, without significant revamps. (Maybe a few number tweaks, if that's easy to do?).

Howlleon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 17:14:30)

I wanted to say first, that I have seen most of your videos, they have helped me a lot with the challenges, thank you very much really, I admire you.

With regard to your last comment, what would occur to me, is that they bring back the classes, and that every month or a certain time they update them, or, update the first class that came out, and release it one month, for after the other month, do the same with the next, and make continue. But I mean, it's just my idea, hehe.

Bamzalot -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/11/2021 18:08:38)

I was thrilled to see the classes come back in AQW, and I strongly wish to see them come back in DragonFable as well.

The only chrono class I do not have is the original 2011 Chronomancer. Even though I own most of them, I still think it is a mistake for them to be rare. Locking these classes from other players is simply unfair. Just as AstralCodex says, these classes take a huge amount of development time and make up a pretty significant fraction of the game's classes. This is kind of huge chunk of the game that most players can never experience. As for the cost, I am sure that DragonFable would follow a similar format to AQW. 6,000 DCs, or 5 HeroPoints. This is still pretty restrictive, but it is better than nothing.

Will these classes receive stat or art updates? AQW went pretty hard on revamps, giving every older class a specific niche that makes them all valid in one way or another. Of course, AQW classes are a lot simpler than DragonFable's. In this game, I for one would be fine with the classes being taken as is and put on sale without change. I definitely think that early versions (Chronomancer, Corruptor, TimeKiller) are due for some small updates, but full revamps are not necessary. They are pretty bad right now, but I would hate for the devs to waste too much time recoloring or overhauling them.

Ace Woodlink -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/12/2021 0:23:20)

I'd kill for TimeKiller, no pun intended.

Zealwrath -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/13/2021 9:11:27)

i hope that is the case cause i can finally get Archivist they may even finish it like they originally planned.

AstralCodex -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/13/2021 13:17:56)

My guess is if Archivist comes back, it won't get any skills and might even just be straight nerfed.

Zealwrath -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/13/2021 19:36:26)

they would have to nerf it? wonder why.
Dang if that is the case that would be a bummer. might get shadow walker if that happens.

though either way this will be great to the newer players either way since they never had a chance to get these calendars.

ChronoEye -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/15/2021 5:26:42)

This would be good indeed for a old-school boomer like myself; I'd get a new chance to shine as TimeKiller. Sure, I have it on my main account, but I have different plans in my mind for this other one of mine's, if they'd come available again.

DragonFable had the 'best variant' of TimeKiller if accounting for my satisfaction. Also as a owner of Chronomancer and Chronocorruptor, if those would come back buffed, I'd not mind at all testing them out, either!

Howlleon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/15/2021 6:50:40)

I agree with you, I never had Timekiller, but from what I've seen, I really love its design and animations, I'd love for it to come back, even if it's not totally buffed.

ChronoEye -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/16/2021 17:36:09)

@Howlleon: Oh, if you'd have been there back in the day! TimeKiller was so much fun to use, literally would've been permanently using it, unless I'd have later down the line gotten DoomKnight V1.

Sure, TimeKiller ( if it returns, if it stays in it's current power ) is not the best class or even optional for Inn Challenges ( except few of the skills has sure a OK hitcount! ), it's very ideal for story, and for some who looks for warring options during wars, it works there, too.

Howlleon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/16/2021 18:09:01)

Really, I have quite a few years in Dragonfable, since I'm actually a kid, only I've never gotten into anything more than Youtube in those times, and I didn't know anything about English, and less could I get a DA. It wasn't until two/three years ago that I was able to get one and play regularly.

That's why I know the Class, I saw it for a video and immediately I liked it, if it comes back, I would buy it without hesitation, even if it is not updated, I would use it for the story.

Tahur -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/16/2021 19:22:33)

Just saw this post and I think it would be great to have all those classes available somehow, there hasn't been many new classes for a while so the game would benefit a lot.
Imagine the possibilities.

Howlleon gracias por hablar de esto.

Howlleon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/16/2021 21:36:24)

De nada.

I think it would be good to talk about this to see different opinions, but I see that everyone here is quite in agreement with this idea. Unlike AQW, where many considered this a big flaw.

I thought in fact that they would be quite against this.

Korriban Gaming -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/16/2021 23:41:18)

I certainly would like for them to return. With regards to the price, I'm assuming it should be the same as buying it from HM, so approximately 5k DCs which is a reasonable amount imo. I hope some of the older classes get buffed like Chronomancer, Chronocorrupter and Timekiller. As long as there aren't any nerfs (looking at you Archivist), I think in general most players should be pretty pleased

ergotth -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/17/2021 2:46:21)

What makes me wonder if they will come back or not is not only the recent hullabaloo on AQWorlds but also Last Week's Design Notes that said

"In other news, we might have some quite exciting news regarding calendar classes!
More info coming soon™!"

That is hyping the hell outta me!

(also, so glad to see the Dragonfable community is more receptive to the return of such rares, the AQWorlds player base is driving me insane with their whining! Whats that line from "The Dover Boys?" Oh yea, "They Drive me to Drink!")

raylas -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/31/2021 14:55:51)

Well I guess that question's been answered definitively!

SO happy right now, I specifically missed out on Avatar Of Time, and I'm pumped to finally be able to lay my hands on it.

ergotth -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (7/31/2021 23:21:16)

I already have it, but I can't wait to see how the reforged looks.
Since they did this effect on first Epoch, they should try again the first concept where AoT had it's torso turning into sand. (they scrapped it initialy because it was animated and caused lag)

raylas -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (8/1/2021 0:31:07)

I picked up a mess of DC's specifically because of this news.

So I'm very, very excited for this. I might pick up other DC classes (Pyro, Kathool) to fill out my options.

I always love playing with different classes.

SeigusDarkon -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (8/17/2021 11:29:40)

Is ChronoZ returning anytime soon? Also, I bought the Reforged Chronomancer and Chronocorrupter. Was sorely disappointed in their attack animations. I was hoping those would get a a makeover. Hopefully in the future.

ergotth -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (8/22/2021 3:05:30)

thats a hunch, but I think this next friday we might have reforged Timekiller and ChronoZ, since last friday of the month is always the bug fixes, revamps and "re-imagined" stuff.

spirit of greed -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (9/4/2021 3:05:43)

I never understand why can't we just pay for calendar classes? Say you missed an old one you can just pay for it.

This way you can get unique classes and can support the game. It's a win-win.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Will the Old Calendar Classes return? (9/4/2021 3:43:22)

Eh? Eeehh... Technically speaking, we do pay to get the calendar classes even now, unless you think it's a good idea to use solely DCs from the daily quest to earn it. Which will take, like, almost 4 years. If you're referring to why now, well, this ain't AQW. Each game has its own rules how to rerelease stuff. And before someone dares to say "Just add'em to a DC package," that's exactly the reason why a now-gone suggestion thread months ago with a similar nature ended in sour regard. This game is financially stable still. No need to cash cow further than the means currently used.

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