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Roxas45 -> Loading error (7/16/2021 6:53:15)

Hey. I was trying to play the game via the Launcher.

I'm getting a message saying "Database Connectivity Error - Object Error" Error Code: 526.13

Should I try running an update or.....?

Digital X -> RE: Loading error (7/19/2021 0:33:43)

Looks like this has been fixed now, make sure your Artix Launcher is showing "v.210" and the MechQuest game version is showing "4.1.6" when you login.

Clearing your cache and restarting the program is also a good call.

Roxas45 -> RE: Loading error (7/21/2021 10:26:02)

Aye Aye.
Thank you :)
Confirmed that now.

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