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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> Lucky Strike boosting weapons (7/16/2021 22:29:59)


I bought zealots wrath a while back. Phenomenal. I love to use arms of dragonguard on a celerity turn and get the boosted lucky strike damage with it.

But my question is, what other weapons, if any, do the same or similar ? More lucky strike damage preferred but, more lucky strike rate is fine too.

I know about the Lust Pet, so we can pass on it.

But thanks

dizzle -> RE: Lucky Strike boosting weapons (7/17/2021 16:13:21)

The Server caps are miscs but affect LS similar to Zealots. Red Server Cap doubles LS damage, but halves the rate (you can do some crazy damage with this since Arms of Dragongaurd basically guarantees a LS). Blue Server Cap doubles LS rate, but halves damage. Both are perma rare though unfortunately. The Atrea Dream Dagger gives more frequent LS and the Atrea Dream Rod gives more powerful LS. Both of those can be found the UR GGB shop.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Lucky Strike boosting weapons (7/18/2021 19:26:27)

Patriot Katana
Monolith Mace
Tempest Scimitar
Kaze (Wind) | Tsuchi (Earth) | Hikari (Light) Shamrock Shuriken/Sensu/Naginata from Ninja-Chauns
Blarney 2018 Spoon from Ninja-Chauns
Celtic Cleaver
Atrea Dream Dagger
Atrea Dream Rod

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