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Your Necromancy Research Continues!

Hello, adventurers! While the team is hard at work on this week's release, we've heard your requests for more information on how Necromancer is coming along!

While we can't share much in terms of future technical details, as plans may change based on feedback or coding concerns, there are have a few details we can tease. In particular, I noticed players have taken an interest in the currently unavailable guests for the Raise Skeleton skill... Hold on to your hoods and masks, because you've only seen half of the summons that can join Necromancers in battle. Well, technically, that may be less than half...

Here's a preview of one of the guests you will be able to summon with Wraithwork, the second summoning skill!


Caption Contest!

The walls of the Orcus Archive are marred with centuries of tragedy, and reclaiming it from such a stained past will take much more work than just espionage and research. Manipulation alone can't end what manipulation has wrought. You will need to give those that can be turned away from its corruption something to believe in. A secret inspiration for even those who no longer have a better life to look forward to.

That brings us to our second teaser for the week. Meet a former ally, a once noble knight whom 'Emoran knights may have seen on a few patrols. Her sense of humor and heroic aspirations were an inspiration to other knights, even though they betrayed a certain sadness. And her fate...

When you find this lost knight, it will take more than arcane prowess to free her soul. She will need a hero to inspire her as she once did the same for her allies. In the spirit of that, we would like to reward those who can help Dame Olivia reclaim her identity. Send us your best captions for the following preview image.


We will reward images on three different categories: Heroism, Tragedy, and Comedy. There will be three winning submissions for each category, and submissions can contain one image per category per user! You have until the release day for the first week of August to link your entries in the discussion thread. Each winner will receive Olivia's face as a prize!

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