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stratuscone -> Anti- truphma Gear (7/23/2021 0:50:33)

as the title states, what are some gear that has triggers against truphma? for the war obviously. thank you!

PD -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/23/2021 1:36:52)

Some, but not all Anti-Truphma gear:

Horde's Ire:
Paxian Deliverance:
Mystic Paxian Deliverance:
Paintball Gun:

It's worth noting however that a lot of these weapons are outdated, and not properly scaled so you won't get much benefit out of them (except Horde's Ire and Paxian Deliverance). As a general rule of thumb Truphma's are strong against Earth but weak to Wind. So The best setup for the current Olympax War (that is happening as of this post, just referencing this fact if anyone happens to revisit the question later) is Wind equips for that reason. So generally that will mean things like: (but not limited to)

Haunted Dragonlord
Griffinrider Mount
Lord of the Skies
Beast Werewolf Form with a strong Wind weapon

Coincidentally the recent Ectoplasm set that was released is also Wind-based so that may too have some use for this war. Most Truphma's are also neutral to energy as well so the Tempest Power Armor will have moderate success against most of the mobs.

stratuscone -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/23/2021 2:32:49)

ooooh completely forgot about paxian deliverance. thank you! currently im using my vampire forms and they seem to work fine in terms of speed. to war!

Nala -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/24/2021 23:41:53)

Need some help here....I find it so hard to beat truphma foes

what defensive gear and attach gear should i be using? have been seeing top scoreboard leaders having incredible kills lol

stratuscone -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/24/2021 23:46:03)

my current set-up (for a Poe Mage; any offensive mage build also fits with this) is Vampire Form (chtonian count to protect against earth), Celtic Wheel, and Mystic Paxian Deliverance with the weapon's truphma trigger.

Nala -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/24/2021 23:54:31)

I see...okay thanks brother [:)]

Just wondering what do we get from this event lol

stratuscone -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/25/2021 9:06:05)

the top 25 characters with the most individual wins, selected from each clan, will receive a misc, which is the medal in the war rewards button.

Meanwhile the members of the winning clan (most wins as well) will also get something extra

Nala -> RE: Anti- truphma Gear (7/26/2021 0:58:42)

I see....all right thanks[:)]

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