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ruleandrew -> Wyrd West Rescue quest (7/24/2021 2:57:11)

I want to replay Wyrd West Rescue quest. However I cannot find that quest location.

PD -> RE: Wyrd West Rescue quest (7/24/2021 10:39:40)

That is in Limbo, and likely the new Necromancer class will too the next time we have a new release. The staff is going to have to put it in a questline hub.

We'll just have to sit tight for now until that hub is made.

Cray -> RE: Wyrd West Rescue quest (7/24/2021 10:56:30)

Necromancer training can be accessed from the Travel Map, and a quest hub for The War Between Shadows is in the works! The summer event and its prologue will be properly accessible soon.

Edit: The hub is live in Warlic's quest menu!

Rittna -> RE: Wyrd West Rescue quest (7/28/2021 15:52:26)

Reply to Cray

I can not see the questline hub in Warlic`s quest menu. Is it mayby not implemented properly or mayby some glitch?

ruleandrew -> RE: Wyrd West Rescue quest (7/30/2021 20:47:04)

To Rittna

The War Between Shadows quest line is working. Make sure you use the latest launch version. Did you try to log out then log in.

War Between Shadows location
BattleOn > Mage Shop > Quests > War Between Shadows

Rittna -> RE: Wyrd West Rescue quest (8/1/2021 6:23:06)

To ruleandrew

Ok, yes I fond it now, thank you. I thought things usally reload if one just goes out and inn from the place one is trying to find the new stuff.

But in this case one had to log out and inn for it to load into the game. Seems a bit weird to me. Do you know if this has been the case before?

Because I can`t remember this being the case.

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