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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> dragonsblood charm (8/3/2021 13:21:42)


Was this item updated to be a higher level?

Also, the info subs to me is a bit confusing as to it's location. It says its through a quest in ballyhoo, which I think might not be correct. If it is though, or if not, point me in the right direction please.


Heroes of the Scape -> RE: dragonsblood charm (8/3/2021 17:17:14)

This post is the current versions of the charms: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22386889

From Battleon, click "Ballyhoo and Upgrades". Select "Reward Shops" and go through her dialog. Click "Packages" and select "Dragon's Secret". Click on "I don't have this yet. Can you tell me about it?" and click through her dialog box. Click "Play the Quest"

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: dragonsblood charm (8/3/2021 17:25:52)


Just played the quest. No L143 z version.

I bought the book a looooooong time ago and can buy the other stuff in the book shop. No L143 z version anywhere....

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