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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> Ele Vuln Items (8/15/2021 18:33:23)

Looking to see if I have overlooked some items that inflict ele vuln:

I know about:

4 protean pets
grakma guest
model 294
All the deatharrows cats
The hare raiser weapons
Vampire and Werepyre subrace guests
Independence Daygur and Ancient Mother's staff weapons
Also the runic binding spells, and I guess the bag of mixed nuts is sort of the same thing tbh.

I think there's a pet from the Asgardian set if memory serves me correctly but its weak, so not concerned about it.

I prefer info on magic weapons, guests, pets, and miscs, but I'll take in other options.


Legendary Ash -> RE: Ele Vuln Items (8/15/2021 19:06:56)

Champion of Sinmaw's FSB skill

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Ele Vuln Items (8/15/2021 23:38:05)

Asgardian MC Set pet does it for energy.

.*. .*. .*. -> RE: Ele Vuln Items (8/17/2021 5:02:36)

Just going to list 2 more items, however they are rare.

Desert Raider Garb - Armour from donation contest.

Zfinity Gauntlet: Power - hopefully it will be available again in the near future.

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