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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> Beastmaster Hybrid (8/30/2021 16:14:08)

Are there anyone out there that run this? 250 STR/INT/CHAR?

I get that accuracy would be a HUGE downside, but I am curious if this would be offset *some* in Hybrid armors like Werepyre and MuscleMage.

If there are some of you out there, what do you think of it?

Items that help offset disadvantages..
Items that take advantage of the build


Shiba -> RE: Beastmaster Hybrid (8/30/2021 16:35:43)

Werepyre guests are extremely good for such a build:
- Good natural accuracy (+10 BtH I think)
- Elemental Vulnerability + Defence Loss (making it yet easier to hit AND hit harder!)

Goggernaut Helmet is a misc item that gives you, your pet and your guest a +10 BtH boost if you still miss too often. It also gives your enemy the same boost, but you're not going to focus on blocking anyways!

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: Beastmaster Hybrid (8/30/2021 17:35:06)

Yes, I own the item. I am testing some backlash stuff now and I think it will be helpful with this, too.

I also know that double Rhubzards on a celerity turn can get you up to 334 Luck.... which is also helpful.

But yeah the werepyre guests are nice. Sometimes I summon one, then switch to Neko subrace and keep the bat guest out for a few days and get the neko boosts lol

The guests are nice

But what else?

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