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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> Backlash potence (8/31/2021 0:58:37)


Is there any item that gives boosts to backlash infliction that dont explicitly say backlash?

Like taladosian? Is backlash covered with taladosian even though the info subs doesnt say so?

If not, anything else?


LUPUL LUNATIC -> RE: Backlash potence (8/31/2021 13:30:43)

As far as i know Taladosian Pendant doesnt affect Backlash because its not a Mental ability.

There are 2 perma-rare miscs that gave Backlash Potency in the form of a generic +10 Status Potency : Cracked Ornament and Desert Raider misc

Hollowborn Shield gives 10 Backlash Potency (30 with FSB) among other effects as well but the Set is perma-rare for now.

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