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September 3rd, 2021

Digital X's Celtic Creation

Digital X's Celtic Creation

Visit Oz in Central Station to begin an epic new quest courtesy of Digital X: Celtic Conditioning. After you've warmed up, you'll need to travel throughout Delta V to claim your ultimate prize: Digital X's Replica Bot. Only a limited quantity will be available so, in this case, a quick duelist is a lucky duelist!

Santa's Snowy Souvenir

If you were lucky enough to claim Digital X's replica, there are still more treats awaiting you in this update! Visit the lonely level 1 City Guard in Central Station to undertake a mission to claim GodOfSanta Azrael's Bane Replica! Be warned: he won't give up the sword without a fight...many, many fights! This mission will only be available for a week, so you'll need to work quickly to part the lonesome guard from his treasure.

Coming Soon: Roman's Inferno

Releasing these gifting prizes through quests and limited shops have been extremely popular, and we're not done yet! Next week, a major threat will emerge from the Afterlife that will require defeating a very old, very powerful entity. The challenge will be great, but the prizes will be greater!

Core Location Changes

For the sake of consistency with vendor locations between Credit and Varium-only cores, several Minor cores have been relocated from the Vendbot to the same NPC as the Varium version. Also, because cores are so integral to maintaining a competitive strategy, seasonal cores will be available all year as limited quantity cores!

  • Moved from VendBot to Alydroid
    Azrael's Will x25
    Azrael's Torment x25
    Minor Mark of Azrael
  • Moved from VendBot to Administrator 10
    Minor Improbability Gate
  • Moved From VendBot to Xraal
    Minor Thorn Assault E
  • Moved from VendBot to Light Mechachillid
    Minor Massive Strike
  • Moved from VendBot to Exile Leader
    Minor Exile Strike
  • Moved from VendBot to Administrator 10
    Minor Legion Strike
  • Added to Deuce
    Radiation Burn
  • Added to Ishmael
    Poison Barbs

    Core Changes

    It seems Delta V's grenades needed a bit more "punch"! These buffs should improve the viability of Varium and Credit versions of the grenade/bomb cores.

  • Crystal Grenade x25:
    Varium version: 40% ? 50% energy drain
    Credit version: 25% ? 40% energy drain
  • Short Circuit Grenade x25:
    Varium version: 100% ? 115% initial damage
    Credit version: 75% ? 105% initial damage
  • Stalagrenade x25:
    Varium version: 25% ? 30% defense ignore; 10% ? 15% crit chance
    Credit version: 15% ? 20% defense ignore; 10% ? 15% crit chance
  • Hammer Grenade x25:
    Varium version: 2 ? 3 turn armor removal; 85% ? 100% initial damage
    Credit version: 2 ? 3 turn armor removal; 60% ? 85% initial damage
  • Magma Grenade x25:
    Varium version: Match strength of Necrosis (2.4)
    Credit version: Match previous strength of Varium version (1.5)
  • Om Nom Bomb:
    Varium version: 35% ? 60% lifesteal
    Credit version: 20% ? 50% lifesteal

    In addition to changing grenades, we've also adjusted a core in Titan's promo.

  • Titan's Shroud:
    The core was designed to increase the resistance to Deflection damage, but this was overtuned. The damage reduction on Deflections was decreased.

    Quality of Life:

    After a long absence, the Player Ignore feature has been restored to the player stats panel. You can use this to select another player and avoid seeing their chat in game. This should be helpful for dealing with spammers without enabling the "Mute All Chat" feature in the Settings menu. One limitation of this feature is that this will only last for a single online session -- logging out will reset the list and previously ignored players will need to be ignored again if they are encountered again.

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