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Kade300 -> Easier Bank Sorting and Selling (9/6/2021 21:25:08)

With all the great improvements right now, anyone else feels like the Falconreach Bank could use some major upgrades? They did add the sort by item type on the inventory; an item preview and sorting by type, or maybe even a quick sell could make the bank easier to navigate through. Thoughts?

Jay -> RE: Easier Bank Sorting and Selling (9/6/2021 22:28:30)

While the bank doesn't support the filter buttons, the search bar can still yield the same results, and even more specific ones, if you know how to use it to its full potential. Here is a brief outline from the Pedia which also applies to the bank search:


Inventory Search

  • Allows the player to quickly find a specific item:
    • Typing a specific item name will display only item(s) that match that search term exactly (e.g. Necrotic Sword of Doom).
    • Typing a specific or partial keyword will display all items that contain that word or partial word (e.g. Necrotic or Necro).
    • Typing a specific element preceded by an asterisk (*) will display all items of that element (e.g. *Darkness, but not *Dark).
    • Typing a specific item type preceded by a tilde (~) will display all items of that item type (e.g. ~Scythe, but not ~Scy).
    • These search terms may be combined, in any order, to provide a more comprehensive search (e.g. ~Scythe *Darkness Necro would yield the same result as *Darkness Necro ~Scythe).
    • Searches containing multiple elements or item types will only display results for the last search term (e.g. *Darkness *Light will only display items of Light element).

  • Tahur -> RE: Easier Bank Sorting and Selling (9/14/2021 22:07:32)

    I was just about to post something related to this, had no idea you could do this with the bank's search bar. Thanks a lot, Jay.
    I am still curious tho, why it doesn't support filter buttons?

    Laeon val Observis -> RE: Easier Bank Sorting and Selling (9/15/2021 3:10:09)

    The simple answer for that would be that the filters were only programmed for the inventory. The bank is old and likely to be intricate, so it won't be easy to just overhaul it on the fly.

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