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SapphireCatalyst2021 -> The Museum (9/17/2021 11:52:56)

No idea if they have plans and just need time, or they have nothing definitive, so here we go in case...

You can click on the museum to upgrade it, but also can "go inside it" as a second building on your plot.
The museum will have three rooms:

1. Gear Presentation Room
2. Art Gallery Room
3. Item upgrader room "in-game"

Gear Presentation Room

If you transfer stored gear to the Gear Room, it will slowly boost the item over time. (appreciation of value, or here, get's stronger with time.
This can mean
a. Gains will grow to the next tiered level with time.
Example- You're level 50 and buy an item, and there is a level 70 version. Storing the item for X amount of time, will allow it to move to the level 70 version, without having to re-quest, re-sell, and buy.
b. Scaled items and Endgame (L150)-Gains 5% boost (it Mastercraft's the item, but only via damage, mastercraft items still get the 5%, so double mastercraft)

Caveats- 1. The higher the museum level, the faster this occurs. But timewise, a LONG time.
2. Staff will have to figure out how to implement each item type, but weapons and armors and spells could be a start since it's about damage. Things like miscs and things with toggles like most pets/guests now might be more troublesome, but eventually implemented.
3. Items in museum cannot be used in shop order swapping. You lose the use of it until it's removed.
4. Once removed from museum with the boost, the boost stays.
5. If you place scaled/endgame items back in museum, the boost is removed and gains start over. This dis-incentivizes the use of a museum as extra storage slots.
6. Level-based items (below L150)- Can be replaced back in the museum to allow it to move up again to the next tier for those that are leveling up.
7. The museum gains "slots" per level upgraded.

Art Gallery Room

You can move paintings here to the art gallery room from your house.

Caveats- 1. Lose access to transport
2. Paintings, since now theyre on display to be viewed, begin to appreciate in value for resell
3. Appreciation faster than housing
4. Moving them back to the house removes all appreciation, and if moved back to museum again, this process starts all over.

Item Upgrader Room

Pretty self explanatory. Just an in-game version of the item upgrader under the account feature.

Still get 1 free GGB a month with it....

Another idea:

Weapon Element Swap Room

Maybe you can bring in let's say... Your best energy weapon, but based on your other weapons, you kind of wish it was fire. Let's call it Lightning Bolt Sword. You can pay a HEFTY price, let's say 500 million gold, to change it to fire. It is now called Fire Lightning Bolt Sword.

Thats it

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