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Nediphile -> IRL developer questions (9/25/2021 11:45:33)

Where can I go to ask IRL questions to the development team of Artix Entertainment LLC? I want to join the team but I still have a bit of learning to do before I can and want to know if they would still be looking for people in about 6 months or less

Primo_ -> RE: IRL developer questions (9/26/2021 4:23:46)

Says in their careers section that they're hiring for a Senior Unity/C# Video Game Programmer.

Nediphile -> RE: IRL developer questions (9/30/2021 18:25:20)

The learning I'm doing now is on unity and python/c#, but I wont be good enough to be brought on board as of right now. However in 6 months or so I should be able to fill the role. Unfortunately, I speculate the position would have already filled up by the time I am ready, so I wanted to ask them if my help would still be wanted regardless or if there would be another project they have that I could work on.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: IRL developer questions (9/30/2021 20:16:10)

As much as I understand your dilemma, no cutting through the line. When AE has a job opening, they'll announce it, and that's the only moment you can try to sign up for the task should it be within you capacity (although upon checking the link provided by @Primo, you're at a disadvantage right now assuming you're only learning programming via OL courses instead of a genuine college degree, notwithstanding the preferable 1 year programming tenure).

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