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PD -> PD's Suggestion Shop (9/30/2021 20:47:39)

A list of general suggestions that I have. Will get updated over time.


The Battery Packs. A series of armors that act like "batteries". When you get hit with the primary element of that armor, you can gain charges. When you have enough charges, you can spend those charges to do a "double attack" (Celerity, or just a special attack animation that lets you do twice the number of attacks).

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - Energy FO Armor. Gains charges when hit with energy attacks.
Liquid Metal Battery Pack - Fire FO Armor. Gains charges when hit with fire attacks. Same concept as above, but with Fire. This was inspired by a video I saw about the future of battery technologies, where we can havean abundant source of energy based upon super-hot liquids that store electrical charges.
Solar Cell Pack - FO Light Armor. Gains charges when hit with light attacks.
Hydro-Power Pack - FO Water Armor. Gains charges when hit with water attacks.
Uranium Power Pack - FO Earth Armor. Gains charges when hit with earth attacks.

The Wrestler - FO Earth Armor. You lose the ability to dodge. Has a skill that lets you spend that turn to let the enemy attack you. If you are hit, your next weapon-based attack is guaranteed to land, with increased damage depending on how many attacks you took in.

Daimyo Rider - FO Light Armor. Can switch between Mounted and Unmounted forms. When you are unmounted, your attacks are locked to light, and you gain eleComp to damage. If your current class is Paladin you gain a damage boost, otherwise you suffer a downtrigger. For every Daimyo on your side (Paladin's Manifestation or Daimyo Guest), you gain an additional damage boost.


The Crystal Wall - A purely defensive spell that imitates (but not a clone of) Invincible Star. Comes with 3 flavors:

Talc Wall - You stun yourself for 1 turn. You'll take 0 damage while stunned. IE, you are encased in a wall of crystal to protect yourself but cannot do anything while encased.
Quartz Wall - You stun yourself for 2 turns.
Diamond Wall - You stun yourself for 3 turns.

Your pets/guests will still be able to do actions while you are encased in crystal.

The Fake Out - Only good on your first turn, and ONLY if you go first. If the attack lands, and the enemy loses the save, they are paralyzed for 1 turn. Gets an additional save penalty as a condition of the spell use. If used for any other turn, the spell does no damage, and your turn is spent.

Mega Impact - Parody of Pokemon's Giga Impact. Earth Spell, cast with SP. You do increased damage, but on your next turn you are paralyzed.

Locked and Loaded - Obvious pokemon parody (Lock On). You spend 1 turn to cast the spell, dealing no damage. On your next turn, all your attacks will auto-hit, and you get Hypercritical as well.


The Orb of Suffering - You can give yourself an adverse status of your choosing. You can only give yourself one adverse status a turn.

The Orb of Perseverance - Based on the number of adverse statuses, you get boosted by a positive status (empower, heals, defense boost, etc) of your choosing. You can only give yourself 1 positive status a turn. As implied, you'd use this in concert with the Orb of Suffering.

Reality Gauntlet - We never got to have a Z Gauntlet for this, but I figured I should at least transpose a few of my ideas for this:

1. Change the background and implements one of those 9999 environmental turn effects like you see in the Champion Packages.
2. Allow you for the battle to turn your no-drops (Weapon/Armor/Shield) into a temp item of your choice, or imbue an element of your choice.
3. Change the element of your opponent's attacks. Might be too hard to code though.
4. Change/Reduce opponent stats permanently for the battle. IE ShadowWalker of Time's Hourglass.

Rock of the King - Obvious pokemon parody. Misc item that you equip. After your player attack, you have the ability to inflict a control on the opponent. More hits gives you a higher chance to inflict.

Yuck Jar - Inspired by TF2's Jarate. Click on the jar to throw it at the enemy. On your next turn, your attacks will have increased hypercritical chances.

Awesome Milk - Inspired by TF2's The Mad Milk. Click on the glass bottle to throw it at the enemy. On your next turn, your attacks will heal you for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Vending Machine - Inspired by TF2's engineer's dispenser. Has a normal upkeep. Every turn it gathers a charge. You must continuously keep it equipped or else it resets the charge. After 5 charges, it grants you for free and then resets the charges to 0, a following bonus randomly:

  • 1 HP Potion
  • 1 MP Potion
  • Random Positive Status Boost (Ele Empower, Hypercritical, celerity, etc)

  • PD -> RE: PD's Suggestion Shop (10/14/2021 2:41:14)

    Gameplay Suggestions

    It's no secret that I have expressed a lot of thoughts on the New Player Experience. So here's an aggregate list of changes that I feel would be appropriate for this end:

    The first enemy of the game should be a level 1 Frogzard. I think for the first monster, instead of the Death Knight with its low earth resists which just happens to also be the default no-drop element and high base MRM, Frogzard has 100% resists across the board, and doesn't punish you for picking ranger. Drakath can stay as the second enemy, so as to teach players properly about MRM and resists.

    Battle GUI option to dismiss guests. This is actually kind of annoying because at the beginning of the game, you're forced to have Artix on your side. Now Artix is a great guest and all, but there's no way to dismiss guests that early on. Also after the intro quest, even clicking the "Adventure on your own" option doesn't dismiss the guest either. This is a problem because Guest upkeep is actually quite expensive early on.

    New Player Menu. I tried out Nivp's new AQ Launcher, and this is actually pretty similar to I've already put my thought into the Extra Characters thread that I have contributed to, but this is just a re-hash. Ideally we'd have a dashboard of some kind to help players ease themselves into AQ. Since the game progression is pretty much amount to anarchy, at least some pointers to direct players towards popular options would make a very big impact on playability.

    Fleeing Minigame. Fleeing at low levels is virtually impossible without significant buildup. The recent SP changes at the start of a battle makes fleeing a guarenteed option at higher levels, but at low levels this doesn't actually do anything. A minigame (Suggested by Digital X) would be helpful in that regard. Like what happens in Grenwog Festival, where you jump over logs to outrun the Grenwog Mother, there could be a similar type of game where you "run" and avoid obstacles. If you fail the minigame, of course you'll lose your turn for failing. And this minigame would scale in difficulty depending on the level of the enemy. For monsters way below your level, the game should be trivial to beat. For higher level monsters, still don't make it burdensome, but make it non-trivial. IE, moderate difficulty.

    In-game Account Manager. There's really nothing that intuitively connects the upgrade/downgrade/GGB menu to the game, and is exclusively handled by the account manager. Implementing this in-game would drastically reduce the difficulty of the new player experience as many aren't even aware that you can even do this. Or at the very least, if this is too hard to have a complementary in-game menu, at least there should be notes in-game to tell players they are indeed allowed to do this.

    Battle GUI Tutorial. A tutorial should be made to help players understand the battle GUI and the configurable options you can use. Even for returning players, they won't really understand a lot of what the menu does as they probably won't understand immediately some of the new changes that have been added to the battle GUI as of recent.

    I did have a lot of other things to say about the new player experience, but most of those are solved by fixing the various scaling issues that are present in AQ. IE not gameplay changes.

    Mr. Roguish -> RE: PD's Suggestion Shop (11/9/2021 21:58:18)

    I like the idea of the Reality gauntlet option 1. I think a start to balance it would be that whatever that infliction to be, to be completely random. Although even with that, it still seems extremely OP.

    PD -> RE: PD's Suggestion Shop (12/8/2021 1:56:39)

    Added a few new suggestion items, shamefully inspired after playing some pokemon:

    Locked and Loaded
    The Yuck Jar
    Awesome Milk
    Rock of the King
    Mega Impact
    Vending Machine

    I really wanted to revive the idea of the turn cost which used to be a standard of AQ design. It seems that more and more these days everything is becoming quick cast but I feel like reviving this idea would be attractive since you can play around the design so that losing a turn grants you even a bigger bonus the next turn or just a stronger effect in general.

    SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: PD's Suggestion Shop (12/8/2021 7:22:22)

    For the reality gauntlet, it seems that it needs other gems to operate historically in other "lore", so whatever the effect would be, I feel as though maybe you have to have all the other gauntlets in your active inventory. Maybe the item itself can do a little something, but when the other gauntlets are there, it gets something VERY powerful. I feel as though this could be allowed because part of the "cost" of the item being so strong is being forced into taking up 4-5 slots ( i forget how many gauntlets there are) And if so desired, you could make the other gauntlets more powerful when the reality gauntlet is there.

    As for the specific effect, perhaps whatever it does by itself is X effect for Y turns, and the boosted effect is X*# of gauntlets power over original effect for 9999 turns.

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