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Beshin Adin -> October 2021 (10/1/2021 9:36:13)

October 1 13th Upholder begins and ChronoStriker Seasonal Set arrives
Mogloween returns, Drakath Challenge Fight
Royal Swordhaven Adept Upgrade bonus

October 4 National Taco Day items in your Featured Gear Shop

October 8 13th Anniversary story update - Queen of Chaos: Time for a Hero
13th Anniversary Gifts
13th Anniversary Class
13th Anniversary Collection Chest, Part 1

October 15 Queen of Chaos: Elemental Orb Hunt
13th Anniversary Collection Chest, Part 2
2021 Achievement Tracker rewards

October 22 Queen of Chaos: Prison of Monsters
13th Anniversary Collection Chest, Part 3
Wheel of Doom Merge Set

October 29 Mogloween 2021: Noxus' Carnival of Horrors
Mogloween 2021 event rares shop

Lukrecia -> RE: October 2021 (10/1/2021 11:16:19)

Noxus? That means Sally! Are... are they actually going to do the 'going to the Carnival with Sally?' throaway comic strip I made back at the dual Dage's Birthday / St. Patricks Day? Oh my God I should hunt that thing down then.

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/1/2021 11:47:25)

I'm disappointed. I was hoping we'd end Malgor this month

Is the Noxus Carnival like the Luck Day Fair, full of minigames?

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/1/2021 12:06:56)

Last we saw Noxus, his head was converted into a staff that is currently in Sally's possession.

What do you think they mean by Queen of Chaos?

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/1/2021 12:36:11)

Probably QoM's origin story

Lukrecia -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 3:36:17)

20 000 000 HP boss. I actually belly laughed when I saw that, holy cow. Talk about running something to the ground, people have been bored of the concept when it came to Tyndarius, if this doesn't break them from the new gimmick nothing will.
EDIT: Apparently also wipes you 20 seconds after it reaches 2 000 000 HP. Well done AQW division, you've went from cobbled-together badly playtested 'challenge' boss fights to full-on literal amateur RPGMaker developer 'challenge' boss fights.

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 12:15:17)

If you are talking about Tyndarius' Avatar of Fire form, it was his strongest form. He's lucky Lady Fiamme spared his life.

When I logged on, it told me that the map to fight Champion Drakath is reserved for those who are at Level 80 and higher.

Next week is the first part of the Queen of Chaos story. You don't suppose it's about an untold story in the Queen of Monsters' life!

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 12:47:20)

My character is only lv 78, so *raspberry*

I've done every Mogloween to date

So, nothing for me this week.....

Lukrecia -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 15:24:47)

Honestly, you guys don't miss out on much. Level 80 isn't doing much either, he is just another copy-paste Drakath but with comically exaggerated HP, damage, powers, et cetera.

Sniper_Joe -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 18:54:11)

I hate the fact that the Birthday class is locked behind this obnoxious boss, that I will never have the patience to even attempt beating. 20 million health and it can kill you in one hit. Yeah, no thanks.

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/2/2021 22:02:39)

Frankly, I just would like three people who have defeated it to help me defeat it once so I can get the 75% to chaos sword. Then I plan to be done with the fight once and for all. I don't plan to get the class either. I'm perfectly satisfied with the classes I have. I just wish there was a way to change enhancements without having to go to the /museum.

I would like to see people farm Tyndarius again. I'm not done obtaining the armor and the weapon.

Lukrecia -> RE: October 2021 (10/3/2021 5:37:12)

Didn't get the Exalted 'Oh God Why', didn't get fire sickle, not getting this one either. 'Challenge Bosses' are the plague of this game, and everything I said would happen with them (them becoming ridiculously overpowered, completely abandoned and a half-donkeyed gimmick), has happened. If this is the kind of attitude to the server rewrite as well this game is better off being buried.

Oh yeah, I just remembered they'll be using Unity. Make that double buried then.

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/3/2021 11:01:50)

I think Tyndarius boss fights have picked up again, just in the mornings and not the afternoons / evenings. That or I people just seem to want to get them over with early and then beat their heads against the wall for Drakath since so few have actually defeated him.

Which leads me to ask, how challenging is too challenging? I love a good challenge, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Tyndarius now that I've gotten used to it, but when 200 people are attempting a fight at a time and only 1 of said 50 groups maybe wins, something is wrong. I think you need to rework the fight somehow. Maybe something as simple as allowing the Chaorrupter Unlocked to deal 120% damage against him, like it does against all other Drakaths?

Speaking of Tyndarius, I have 10 Tyndarius Insignias, not sure if I'm getting the weapon first then the armor or the armor first then the weapon.

I have fully mastered Legion Revenant and excel at it, that is by far the class I am best at and really prefer it in boss fights, then again, everyone who is level 90+ seems to have farmed Legion Revenant and is fairly good at it, it's really easy to learn. I am learning Lord of Order and Stonecrusher / Infinity Titan (I have both SC and IT) and I think I am beginning to grasp them. I have Archpaladin and other classes as well, although until a /museum enhancement is available for ultra fights, I don't think I will learn more than that, at least not now. It's annoying to go to the /museum and not get back in the right room and maybe have to change classes again.

Frankly, I would like to see a Dragon Scythe of Elementals weapon, a Museum Curator pet, a Shine on You Crazy Diamond helm, and Ultra Desolich boss fight like I suggested in the suggestion forums please.

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/3/2021 11:49:26)

The AQW Team will get to those recommendations at some point.

If the Queen of Chaos stories are an origin of the Queen of Monsters, we'll know for sure. Perhaps we might see some history between her and Dethrix Drakath.

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/3/2021 20:20:21)

Well, I defeated it. Wasn't easy, but I was in an excellent team. Have my empowered blade of chaos now. :)

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/4/2021 13:15:30)

Are you level 80 or above?

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/4/2021 13:39:59)

Indeed, level 100. Everyone in the party was, lowest was level 93.

And I am now fully equipped for easy switching in boss fights.

"Natural" (farmed) NSoD with Wizard enhancement for LR and SC / IT.

NSoD (IDoA) with Lucky enhancement for LoO.

And yes, I do have two NSoD's. One I spent dozens if not hundreds of hours grinding for in game. And one I spent an IDoA for just a few minutes ago so I'd have a second for ultra fights.

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/7/2021 13:22:53)

The first chapter of the Queen of Chaos story begins tomorrow.

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/7/2021 13:29:21)

I thought the second chapter of the Hollowborn saga was? Oh well, I guess that will be another week.

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/7/2021 15:17:15)

The Facebook page said Extriki would return soon. I cant wait >w<

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/8/2021 14:21:32)

If you are saying that Extriki will be back from the dead in some way, do you have proof of that like a link to that claim?

The first chapter of the Queen of Chaos story begins tonight.

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/8/2021 14:46:46)

Remember, this is back in time

Cyrenius -> RE: October 2021 (10/8/2021 16:24:42)

This week's quest series was rather long, although a lot of fun. Great job, AE!

I am excited to see what the Queen of Monsters will be like. Will there be an ultra fight? Only time will tell. Obviously she will be an elemental boss, so get your Infernal Flame Khopeshes everyone. Seven more days until I get mine assuming I can get an Ultra Avatar Tyndarius every day. (I got my Infernal Flame Pyromancer today).

Rtkat3 -> RE: October 2021 (10/9/2021 12:52:03)

The Heroes of Balance appear to be the ancestors of the 13 Lords of Chaos as mentioned when we met the King Alteon of that time.

Extriki was in the Thunderforge part of it. Then we got to meet two more of the Queen of Monsters' children in Dwarfhold and Mobius. Grou'luu the Calcifier is a giant serpent that can kill his victims by taking control of their bone growth. Sa-Laatan the Salt Sower is some type of lake monster known to dump it's salt onto crops to ruin them. Kolyaban was seen in the silhouette with them. While it was mentioned that Extriki was the youngest of the group, Kolyaban was mentioned to be the oldest daughter of the Queen of Monsters. When fighting Grou'luu and Sa-Laatan, they appeared to be bigger than Extriki due to how our characters' sizes were during the fights with them.

Part 2 will be next week. I can't say if we'll be running into Kolyaban or any more of the Queen of Monsters' children. That will be for the AQW Team to know.

In the present day, Extriki is dead and Kolyaban is still at large. I can't say about the fates of Grou'luu or Sa-Laatan unless they are still in the area where Extriki and Kolyaban emerged from.

Beshin Adin -> RE: October 2021 (10/9/2021 17:28:04)

An exciting and involving Part I. Bring it on, Part II

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