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Conadetrion -> Eraglass? (10/11/2021 17:20:14)

I never got anything for putting in the code from the 2021 calendar. Is the eraglass the unlock i was supposed to get when doing so?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 17:26:10)

You won't. If I read your terms right, you purchased the 2021 calendar, not 2020. The latter is the one that contains the Eraglass, the former has the Draconic Glowtooth. To prevent further confusion, it has always been from the get-go Epoch+Exclusive (Bracer) Artifact for the calendar's year.

Conadetrion -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 17:31:05)

So was the draconic glowtooth supposed to be in my inventory when i put the 2021 code in or was i supposed to do something else? Because i never got the glowtooth either

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 17:33:56)

Unless the charpage is glitching, please check your Bank, for I see the Glowtooth listed there. And no, solely the Glowtooth (for DF, at least). No subsequent Epoch Artifact/s will be unlocked upon redemption of AE calendars.

Conadetrion -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 17:39:34)

I see it. Thank you. But if i were to buy the 2020 calendar, I would not be able to use its code for the eraglass?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 18:00:27)

You can, so no worries. Yeah, the last terms I had were a bit vague/misleading. I was just trying to state that Epoch Artifacts and calendars are a 1:1 relation. Nowhere in the redemption will it lock out one from gaining more artifacts by purchasing the appropriate calendars.

Conadetrion -> RE: Eraglass? (10/11/2021 18:57:36)

Ok cool. Thank you

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