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InFlamed Fury -> Corporate Overlord Mission Chain Missing (10/12/2021 19:06:47)

Pretty much as the title says, the Achievements are not listed as rare and on the wiki it does not mention anything about the missions going rare. I also can't see anything in any of the patch notes stating that the mission chain was removed.

I've already completed Part 1 and 2 but I can't find any of the Part 3 missions.

CactusChan -> RE: Corporate Overlord Mission Chain Missing (10/13/2021 14:39:40)

I agree that both the achievements and missions should be listed as rare on the Wiki. The only mention I found in the design notes of the missions going rare was here; I was not able to dig up exactly when they went rare, since it doesn't seem to have been documented.

It's also worth noting that the Iron Husk and SolarWorld Factory NPCs are still available for those who never completed the missions chains, even though it seems the whole purpose of those chains was to remove those NPCs from the game. I find it unlikely that anyone who didn't complete the chains will be able to defeat Nightmare Iron Husk now, since the cores you get from the later missions are pretty much mandatory, and I would guess that anyone who has the cores has already completed that chain and cannot access the NPCs.

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