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Alm Nullamors -> The Home Stretch: Book 3 Reimagined Project Discussion (10/17/2021 5:29:58)

With this ensuing transitional period soon coming to an end, I thought now would be a good time for a place where we can discuss the whole broad topic of Book 3's Reimagined quests.

Hopes, guesses, or predictions for the upcoming quests. What we liked about the new content, or what things we were maybe less wild for. Redone character introductions and interpretations, new dialog or boss battles. Perhaps even just appreciation for the real people who took time from their weeks to go back and redo this often criticised portion of Book 3's main story.

Personally, looking back now I'd say Carat, the Rose soldier from early Sulen'Eska, honestly came across a bit too collected in his original dialog when he chatted with Kara and the hero. Of course he was conflicted, yeah, but the man also seemed remarkably calm in tone for someone who seems to have figured that the Rose were running on the extreme end. Maybe he had had the epiphany much earlier in the original Book 3 timeline, but I think it's better that Carat is now instead a horrified wreck of a newer recruit, who just seemed to want to protect people from actively dangerous magic creatures but ended up ordered to capture Clawkin and burn down their villages to create a trap for Vind forces. Then it turns out he's now got a family in Swordhaven and so he can't just drop everything and resign on the spot for your cause. Right off the bat, he and his new characterisation are a stark improvement.

With all that said, discuss away!

Dratomos -> RE: The Home Stretch: Book 3 Reimagined Project Discussion (10/17/2021 7:45:19)

I would say there really isn't anything I have disliked with this reimagining of Book 3's early parts.

When I first played Book 3 after my hiatus in 2017, it was a disappointment. I really disliked it. Especially when you compare it to other much better done storylines like Tomix Saga, Blood and Roses and Calamity. Compared to those three, Shears and Main Story were lacking. Our hero would just go to place X, meet some people and do what they ask. There were a lot of characters added to the mix, most that we didn't know anything about. And our hero being frozen for 5 years didn't seem to affect our hero in any meaningful way.

Best example of this was the Shears. We just went there. Met Leon. Helped him. No questions asked like how we knew where it was? Why would we help him so eagerly? All we got was "Rose bad, we not like Rose, help us".

So, with these new quests, there is a massive improvement. There is much more foreshadowing now (like the mirror, Akanthus manipulating everyone, Amadeus, etc...) and the events feel more natural. Our hero reflects what has happened and wonders how everything has changed. Our Dragon has a much bigger part and feels more like a companion, than just a pet in our inventory. Reimagining of Book 3 has become my favourite release of the month, I just really like now how it's done.

And what I like the most is that Doverly has made a lot effort to showcase that Rose isn't all that bad and not every part of it is evil. Even our hero says it to Kara when we first meet her! Before it was just "Stop the Rose, they bad!" Now it's much more complex threat as showcased in later parts of Book 3.

I am still waiting for the changes to Espina Rosa. Because that storyline is the most annoying part for me. It has gotten better in hindsight, but that is only because of Shears' Rose Pajamas and Morning's End. I still very much dislike that we go to the prison, risk everything to break out Elryn, who doesn't do anything! Anything at all. He doesn't have any part on the story after that, he just says "Akanthus lies, go to Swordhaven". He doesn't even give us a specific reason to go there! And that DragonRider War always felt so off to me. It just didn't feel natural to the world of DragonFable that some DragonRiders would follow Saellah. And I am glad that part of the storyline will just be removed. We don't lose anything by that. Not to say that there isn't any potential to Saellah as a character, but in his current iteration, it was just... not that good.

Arkste -> RE: The Home Stretch: Book 3 Reimagined Project Discussion (10/19/2021 22:29:28)

The reimagined releases of the Book 3 storyline have been some of my favorite to look forward to, and dare I say, they've even become my most-anticipated releases of the month.

It's been so long, I don't know remember what my initial reaction to them was, but I recall having a great deal of discontent to the original early portrayal of The Rose and Jaania.

The newer quests seem to flow much better together, too, and handle the juggling of so many newer characters and their introductions much more effectively than the earlier ones, which I felt were too rushed.

I'm most interested to see what happens to the Espina Rosa segment of the storyline; it's probably my least favorite aspect of Book 3, and I don't think I can say much that hasn't already been said. For being a covert infiltration and rescue mission, with so much time allocated to doing so, we just kind of rescue someone who never appears again and go about our merry way.

I also just finished replaying through all the reimagined quests, and I seem to have found one minor story inconsistency. In the past week's release, "Trust," we meet Leon for presumably the first time, but Amadeus references "the Oculus Tower disaster" in the earlier quest "One Step Forward." Not sure if anyone else picked up on that, but the timing doesn't make much sense. Maybe a reference to the construction or operation of the tower could be used in place of the original dialog as foreshadowing that we'll eventually be going there.

I can't wait to see what happens next, though. I was browsing the wiki and saw that one at least of the Shears quests got reworked some time ago, but I really want to see more with done with Magus Eutin as a character. I presume she's in charge of The Rose at the Oculus Tower, but she's just a named enemy. We never got any dialogue with her.

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