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Tahur -> Suggestion: Space bar in dialogue (10/26/2021 16:39:12)

Well now that keyboard controls have been introduced, what about using the space bar to continue the dialog? or even the Enter key. (I don't really know if something like this already exists)
Let me know your thoughts.

Verlyrus -> RE: Suggestion: Space bar in dialogue (10/26/2021 16:47:24)

This is something we really wanted to do, but due to the way the click to continue has been implemented, there's not really a good universal way for us to determine when the click to continue is active- and also what the click to continue is affecting, so to speak, and thus, if we were to implement something like this, it would require replacing the click to continue in every single quest/town in the game. Which would be almost two thousand manual file updates.

It's not... impossible. But going through every single map file in the game is not quite something we have the resources to do at the moment.

I spent quite a while and tried a lot of different things to get something like this working without having to edit every file with a click to continue, but I was unable to find a solution.

It's for sure something I want to see in the game, so I might revisit the project in the future.

Tahur -> RE: Suggestion: Space bar in dialogue (10/26/2021 17:57:16)

Well that's a bummer, I hope it becomes possible in the future.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement that function in the new quests? It may create some inconsistency though.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Suggestion: Space bar in dialogue (10/26/2021 18:52:57)

As @Verly already stated in his intro paragraph, detecting when click to continue function is difficult and as you already undermined in your own words, would generate inconsistencies. Heck, even triggerhappy players will notice a response lag if they try to use already implemented skill hotkeys too soon (by lag, I mean hotkeying before the skill buttons appear. There's a split second window where the system is still in skill/status conditions mode instead of skill mode). Also, I do find putting commands into a single button to be a little too compressive when a computer keyboard has plenty of keys to apply it to. How about instead of the spacebar, a letter key that still hasn't a command, and there's still a decent sum of those. I try to avoid Enter because it is already used enough outside of gaming needs and I prefer to spread the key usages across the board as much as possible despite word preferences and whatnot.

Verlyrus -> RE: Suggestion: Space bar in dialogue (10/26/2021 19:20:04)

Adding it going forward is definitely something we considered, and have not completely put off the table, but I do want to be careful- there's a few things I'd still have to work on to make it possible!
Spacebar/Enter is probably fine to bind things to for cutscenes, since I don't believe we have any conflicting things where there'd be something to press Enter/Spacebar for besides... inventory searching, I think, and that can be worked around!

It's good to hear that there's more interest in it being a thing, hearing feedback and such helps us prioritize our time and direction better!

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