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In Media Res -> =Dev= Bugfix week! (11/11/2021 19:58:34)

I spent most of the week crying over the series finale of Schitt's Creek (it's so beautiful ;____________;) but I was able to hold it together long enough to get some fixes in.

- Updated the graphics on the Cerberus monster and Paladin's Celestial guest to be less laggy.
- Removing some of the flashiness from the Lost Talon set monsters' hit animations (thanks, PD!)
- Added a hub for the Lost Talon set in Warlic's and in the War Between Shadows hub, and added the last quest to TWBS hug while I was there.
- Necro's Lv20 skill, Deathless Legion, has been updated to be a status bomb. Full stats in the spoiler, but tl;dr it inflicts Burn+Poison+Bleed+Fear, increases in power as your health drops, and gains power if your foe is inflicted with statuses:

-- [core] starts at 1.
-- If the monster is afflicted with Burn, Poison, or Fear, then [core] gets +0.1 per status. Otherwise, -0.1.
-- Modify [core] based on your HP: at full HP, it's -1/3; at 0 HP, it's +0.5. It scales linearly between these.

-- Everything gets eleComp.
-- The spell itself does [core]% Melee damage.
--- Uses CHA/DEX/LUK for beast variant
--- Uses INT/DEX/LUK for mage variant
--- Uses nonstandard stat bonuses otherwise (INT/8 + CHA/8 + END/8 for damage; INT*3/40 + DEX*3/40 + END*3/40 for BTH; no LUKy strikes)
-- The spell is split up into six hits: 5 hits of *2/11 damage, and one hit of *1/11 damage (tiny bird at the end is tiny)
-- When I say *[hits], I mean *[hits connected]/[hits attempted] where the big hits counts as 2 and the little bird hit counts as 1. 11 "hits" total.
-- Afterwards, it inflicts Poison, Burn, Bleed, and Fear.
--- Poison: Darkness damage, 4 rounds of power: [core]*[hits]*1.25. Heal HP equal to damage dealt.
--- Burn: Darkness damage, 4 rounds of power: [core]*[hits]*2.5
--- Bleed: power: [core]*[accuracy]/2
--- Fear: 4 turns of a [core]*[hits]*[mob Dark%]*21% stun chance.
-- Each status can be resisted with a save at a +0 bonus. Resist with END/DEX/END/CHA (repsectively) and LUK; inflict with:
--- Beast: CHA/LUK
--- Mage: INT/LUK
--- otherwise: INT/CHA
- Damage from Prismatic Burn is now "Burn"-type instead of "Prismatic Burn"-type. This means that it gets bonuses from things that boost Burn damage like Neko.
- Royal Cake now works with Quadforce.
- Fixed an issue with statuses sticking around when changing characters.

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