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racing.lo.mas -> Changes to some healing cores (1/29/2022 19:23:46)

Generator and Health/Energy Boost work exactly in the same way. Generator (+120 armor defense) increase +290HP and +50EP, while Health boost brings +300HP. Generator (+120 armor resistance) Increase +390EP and +50HP, while Energy Boost gives +400EP. Also generator should be buffed since there are 2 other alternatives more powerfull (Energy Reserve - Health Reserve).

- 5 Turns cooldown.
(Adds a reason to pick this core between the Reserve and Boost cores. It might work for some bosses. A varium version might be added aswell)

Energy/Health Boost:
- HP increased from 300 to 350.
- EP Increased from 400 to 450.
(Those cores are not used so often, a small incentive might get them back to game. Also it should grant a bit more than generator since those cores are 1 time use)

Energy/Health Reserve x25:
- 2 charges per battle (or even 3 charges)

(There is no reason to have these cores in game if they wont be buffed. The reason is nobody is buying them at all since the cores are extremely weak. Reserve (x25) core only differ in 1000 credits to Boost (x25) core, and the last one gives the double benefit (400EP or 300HP instead of 200EP or 200HP). For 10k credits you can get the unlimited core, dispite of the price difference, daily missions will provide enough credits for it's purchase).

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