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Legendary Ash -> VendBot's Block/Deflect Armor Cores and Corrosive Shot (3/13/2022 5:00:32)

Ballistic Shield +10% chance to deflect and +20% damage reduction on deflects at 7% base deflect is worth 0.17(60%+20%) = 13.6%.
Deflection Shield +15% chance to deflect is worth 0.15*60% = 9%.
Overshield +20% damage reduction on deflects at 7% base deflect chance is worth 0.07*(60%+20%) = 5.6%
Ninja Reflexes +6% chance to block is worth 0.06*85% = 5.1%.

Ninja Reflexes was updated from 4% to 6% on May 9, 2015, Overshield was updated from 15% to 20% and Deflection Shield was updated from 8% to 15% on November 10, 2018.
Ballistic Shield was released on July 4, 2020 that has everything Overshield has with the addition of more deflection chance, this completely makes the latter redundant.

All of these cores should be rebalanced to a similar level as Primary Mastery's +10% Damage and Critical chance that equates to 0.1*30% ignored Defense/Resistance, for a total worth of 13%.
Ballistic Shield (13/0.17)-60 = +16.47% damage reduction on deflects
Deflection Shield's proposed change calculated from 13/60 = 21.66% deflect chance.
Ninja Reflexes' proposed change calculated from 13/85 =15.29% block chance.
Overshield's proposed change calculated from (13/0.07)-60% = +125.71% damage reduction on deflects, since this is over 100% when combined with deflection's reduction, the overflow should be redirected to heal the player.

Corrosive Shot used to have 15% Defense/Resistance ignore and applies the same amount as a debuff for 3 turns for a total of 60% for 90 Energy, ignore on hit was removed and the stated reason was that it was too powerful.
However when compared to other Sidearm cores, we observe that this change made it underpowered and for additional references similar Primary cores can be compared although it is not known if there are different standards between weapon types.
Piercing Shot reduces Defense/Resistance by 10% and healing by 20% for 3 turns, which totals 90% for 90 Energy.
Exsanguinating Spears grants 30% lifesteal for 2 turns, which totals 60% for 80 Energy.
Hunter's Mark reduces Defense/Resistance by 20% and block chance by 20% for 3 turns, which is 60% for Def/Res and 0.2*3*85% = 51% from Block damage reduction for a total of 111% for 85 Energy.

The above three compared cores are still stronger than the original Corrosive Shot whether by greater power for the same cost, same power for less cost or both, therefore its justified that it at least be returned to its original state.

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