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Fredbob392 -> Returning player, new or old character? (6/8/2022 23:41:34)

Hi, I recently came back to Dragonfable, having played it since some of the early Guardian tests up until getting horribly distracted by the start of sophomore year of high school followed buy the release of Skyrim making me take a break for a bit over a decade. Found my old game account, but couldn't find my old forum account. After all this time I couldn't remember anything about the story, last thing I remembered happing was the giant dracolich fortress crashing into the sea, so I started a new character to replay the game, intending to switch back to my old main after I'd caught up. Thing is, in just a couple weeks of playing, my new character has somehow gotten to the same level my original character was at after 5 years. My old main had a bunch of inventory and bank spaces unlocked, as well as some cool items that I don't think you can get anymore, but she's only level 33, and I'm worried that's not enough to go into the end of Book 1 and whatever follows. Here's her character page:

And my new character

Would the amount of work I'd have to do to level her up be a waste of time, or should I go back to her and do some XP farming? If there's any other info I can provide, let me know. Still getting used to all this again.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/9/2022 0:34:08)

Rest assured, you're not the first relic to resurface in these 12 months, and kudos that you actually got to remember your old account wherein you're a DA holder at that. Not to mention you're taking your first steps to earn the mighty Doomknight class based on your char pages' titles. To make sure this is short, this link should provide you some quick overview to get your bearings on the game's current state. Do note that that link I provided is a bit outdated, particularly when it regards to saving equipment. Released January 2021, you can do that in the comfort of your character's Inventory interface.

You don't need to worry about a secondary character, although I am being quite serious that your account is a relic just by staring at what gear you have. The kind wherein they show the merciless passage of time both on their aesthetics and functionality. If you're worried from retraining, not really. For a more concise detail of what main stats do, this should suit your needs. While the casual battlefield is merciful to any build, try not going beyond 4 trained stats to see some decent benefits. Do note that a privilege that we DA holders have is our character's stat (un)training is at no expense. On top of that, plenty of classes had their skillsets modernized so that they can match up against anything Book 3 can throw at'em. With that in mind, that pretty much translates that only Doctor When, the second last mandatory boss fight for Book 1, will be a challenge for you (as he's always been even prior to his revision. There's a reason that active veterans jokingly state that he's the true boss of Book 1). Note that the final mandatory boss fight in Book 1 will be a Titan fight. That fight does have the benefit of temporarily unlocking the Titan-only Dragonrider class' full skillset, but you must train it nonetheless as most other Titan fights don't have such privilege.

In terms of gear, you can start updating your hardware with class accessory items. That means items that class trainers (sans Tomix of the Soulweaver class) sell, and they are all in Book 1. Personally, I recommend the Deathknight class' set found in Doomwood alongside the necros and paladins. You don't have to spend gold, you grind crafting (merge item) resources which will help you level a bit faster, has an equippable to every slot sans Trinket and Bracer, and has something to provide up till the current level cap of 90. Warning: unlike most merge items in game, DK items require that you start from the item's base form then upgrade to the appropriately levelled variant. That's the one chink in that. At least it helps preserve gold. Since you'll be encountering plenty of Darkness foes, though, weapons from Artix's Paladin shop should cover you, although no one's gonna stop you from getting the more reliable Ultra Omniknight Blade in Book 3 if you so decide to jump to Book 3.

Cyrenius -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/10/2022 21:55:37)

Definitely not a waste of time to level her up. As Laeon stated, you have access to Doom Knight with said account, which takes TWO YEARS to unlock if you start from anew. So get that right away.

Farm wars when available for Defender's Medals, they are the second-best way to grind EXP and Au plus they drop defender's medals for upgrading gear. They recently dropped the price on upgrading all gear except the trinket (the only one that is not free, although it's cheap, the base one is only $5, and it's arguably the best one in the game), which made it much easier. When we don't have wars, farm Dr. Voltabolt (get a good energy weapon, we three excellent 8 elements weapons available right now that are level-able every 10 levels).

I don't wish to overwhelm you, there are other resources online as you level up, that is all you need to know until you're at least level 80, 85, or 90.

Fredbob392 -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/15/2022 2:59:18)

Thank you both for the advice. Another thing I was wondering about, I've found a lot of info about what classes are most powerful, but what ones are most "fun"? Like, what ones have a variety of ways to so damage while having unique mechanics to add some strategy go it? For example, I loved Ranger back in the day, so I tried it on the new character and really enjoyed the system of building up focus and critical multipliers, while it wasn't quite as efficient as Dragonrogue for quickly killing basic enemies, it made longer fights really fun. Am I making any sense?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/15/2022 4:57:03)

Well, I did state that casual (story) mode is so merciful, only fringe cases to story bosses do appear with an inquiry how to beat in the Battle Strategy thread in the DF forums.

Now, for classes with technicalities, much better to ask what is not technical. Anywho, the following below can suit your needs. Just get the feel of them to get it beyond how I'll describe them.

1. Dragonlord with its artifacts equipped - on its own DL is mundane, but with its artifacts (an item is marked as an Artifact if its icon and/or name has a blue aura to it) it can unleash more potential than you thought it had. The basic artifacts (both equip to your Trinket slot, so don't get any ideas on how to get both their benefits) for DL can be easily purchased in Book of Lore, but they are not really as reliable they they were initially released. At best they will only provide you a feel of what's to come. Once you have clearance for Book 3 Dragonsgrasp, you get the upgrades for those artifacts to draw DL's full might. The Patience>Bulwark route is suitable for attrition warfare and is flexible, whereas the Rage>Wrath is for quick skirmishes but rigid.

2. Guardian - this is assuming you have authorization to train and use the aforementioned class. Beyond a tryhard to many combat styles and ending up barely getting passing marks to modern battle standards, Guardian does have a trick up its sleeve. Using its elementally-locked skills will empower your regular Attack and Awethur nuke (perfect for RNG insta-kills against mobs, just deals above average damage to bosses). Empowerment here being that they would hit more often and apply an effect that complements/reinforces for a short moment the effect of the skill used previously.

3. Pyromancer - the second hybrid stat class to Ranger (INT/DEX to Ranger's STR/DEX), but is better suited to full INT due to how it unloads burst damage due to having greater bias to crits than DoTs. All its offensive kits are locked to the Fire element, but you can click on the spellbook widget on top of the Attack button to do your weapon element instead at the cost of 10% less damage. While you amp up its DoT (which also sets up its burst mode) you do get some reasonable benefits, although you may not want to click on Attack by accident unless you're quite daredevil. Unlike Ranger, you're not punished into staying either on offense or defense.

4. Deathknight - a pseudo artificer under the context that none of the gear supporting it is marked as Artifact. If you're into locking yourself to a mostly singular equipment build, DK can be powerful. You can be very damaging at the cost of some HP per action (this includes the usage of potions, so don't make the mistake of using one during full offense) or healing per action (helps compensate the long CDs on its defensive skills) on the fly by using its blade widget, provided of course you have multiple DK gear equipped. Its skills also fluctuate in potency relative to the amount of DK gear equipped.

5. Pirate - any foe whom you can put their Bonus (hit rate) stat into the negatives is in for pain. Let's not even talk about how your footwork helps moves things a bit faster.

6. Ninja - Dragonrouge lite. That is all.

7. (Reforged) ChronoZ - "I am Shadowhunter in its current skillset, but better." Requires that you really think ahead of your opponent's rotation.

8. (Reforged) Archivist - Go Za Warudo for a while, your humble Attack becomes lethal.

Fredbob392 -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/16/2022 2:18:52)

Thank you, Dragonlord sounds like it's gotten a lot more interesting since 2011. Deathknight sounds pretty cool too. I couldn't get into Pirate, but I had some fun with Ninja for awhile. Right now I'm playing around with Technomancer, and even without looking at a guide for how to optimize it's usage it feels really powerful, at least for standard enemies and bosses. I'm loving the ease of regenerating health and mana. So far it might be my favorite class I've tried the basics of.

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/16/2022 5:09:58)

The DF Endgame wiki does offer a recommended rotation for Techno (and most classes that makes a mark in the endgame), although as you have noticed it can be braindeaded a bit. It does have a bit of risk in the early levels though as its damage amp/MP burn passive can be restrictive to swapping equipment mid-battle (it possesses a level-scaling algorithm that checks fluctuations in player's WIS stat. Change it too high or too low will result in the powerup temporarily nulled but the MP burn is business as usual).

Based on your nature of favoring Ninja over Pirate, perhaps Necromancer can be added to your roster. Its a class that barely changed since its release. By barely, it gained a passive DoT that escalates in damage until it caps out after 20 turns to equalize to your weapon damage (can be made stronger if DEX is stuffed silly). Highly survivable just like its fellow Doomwood classes, but has decent pace of destroying foes (Paladin is the slowest of the 3 DW classes, but can tank just fine). Your Seed combo makes nuking a bit wilder in output, but barely matters when your defensive choices more than makes up for that.

Fredbob392 -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/23/2022 5:46:16)

Getting close to the end of Book 1, and have a slightly modified version of the first question? Would I be missing out on anything big besides Chronomancer and the armor closet if I stuck with my new character? Kind of getting attached to him. and I've put in a ton of work to getting items that fit his look. I'm kind of wanting to just retire my old character and leave her where she was eleven years ago and move on, instead of trying to catch her up

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/23/2022 7:14:39)

Well, retire can be semantically interpreted in this context as you'll stop playing the old char in favor of the new instead of outright deletion. If we are on the same page as that, then yes, you ain't going to miss out on anything. Unless of course we talk about the rares besides the Chronomancer. But then again, the times have long past them beyond and reduced them to the nostalgia of the good old days.

Fredbob392 -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/23/2022 16:35:28)

Retire as in stop playing, yeah. I'd have no reason to delete my old character. I still might try going back and doing more with her eventually

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Returning player, new or old character? (6/24/2022 17:25:11)

I see. Well, if you have any further inquiries, Q&A's always up.

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