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Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/16/2022 18:03:46)

Last night's release took part in an alternate reality where Drakath persuaded the Queen of Monsters to teach him how to make a bigger army that involved making his own Titans. That release is a parody of "Attack on Titan".

As for the final cutscene, all the Titans making their way to Battleon are more Titanic Vindicators, Titanic Paladins, and Titanic Doomknights. The mega boss is scheduled for this upcoming Friday. The identity of this opponent is unknown even if that ends up being a Titan version of Drakath.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/16/2022 19:18:06)

Also, the world's survivors retreat to one city, to hide behind the walls, like in game.

Enemies have infiltrated the Army, like in game.

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/17/2022 11:00:30)

It was mentioned that Swordhaven and Shadowfall were among the locations that fell to Drakath's Titan army.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/18/2022 13:48:46)

I guess they purposefully left out the part about Titans eating people

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/19/2022 13:33:45)

Because of the armors that they are wearing, they don't have visible mouths.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/23/2022 10:16:33)

Urrgh, this Drakath is EVEN TOUGHER than the one years ago.........

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/23/2022 11:55:09)

Warlic discovered that the Titan's Tincture was created through a combination of strength formulas, growth formulas, and Chaos from outside of Lore.

When it came to Titan Drakath, I finally defeated him using my Paladin armor and the Water of Life.

As the alternate Drakath was defeated, it would appear that he got sucked into the Chaos Realm due to him being unable to fulfill his deal with what appeared to be the Queen of Monsters. Though he did vow to have his revenge on the players if he ever got out.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/23/2022 12:33:04)

The Titanic Tincture seems to be a parody of Titan cerebrospinal fluid from the anime

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/24/2022 11:18:24)

The Marleyans did inject that stuff into the Eldians that they to attack Paradis Island.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/25/2022 13:48:07)

Bold prediction: The SoW finale has 6 parts. This week, 2 in August, 2 in September, and final for the birthday

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/26/2022 11:03:56)

We shall see when we get to that part this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/30/2022 13:55:39)

Wasnt too impressed with the releases this month. However, I appreciate AE filling summer with seasonal maps (Beach Party, FIJuly, Tanabata)

Rtkat3 -> RE: July 2022 (7/31/2022 13:15:35)

Malgor somehow used the player's voice when fighting Malgor which makes Dage the Evil suspicious.

Next week, we go after Drakath during his pursuit of Malgor.

Beshin Adin -> RE: July 2022 (7/31/2022 14:05:03)

When Malgor showed the Hero the Queen's head, the Hero asks, "You slew her?", and Malgor responds, "No, YOU slew her.", I began to suspect the whole "you from an alternate timeline" thing......

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