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Beshin Adin -> August 2022 (7/31/2022 20:18:36)

August 1:

August seasonal set (Urban Assassin) returns
August National Day drops

August 5

Class Hall expansion + new battle boss
Back to School map, quests, and seasonal gear returns
Apocryphal Yokai upgrade bonus

August 8 Singapore Independence Day items return (August 9, Singapore time)

August 12

Crystallis story update
August Anime Featured Gear Shop

August 17 Indonesian Independence Day map and seasonal items

August 19 Shadows of War finale, Part II

August 26 Shadows of War finale, Part III

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/1/2022 13:30:16)

The Design Notes stated that the final battle against Malgor will have six parts to it with Part 2 and Part 3 occurring this month.

They also mentioned a Class Hall. Remind me which one the Class Hall is?

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/1/2022 14:01:26)

I think Class Hall is the new hub of the Class Trainers

Yes! 6 parts! I was right!

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/2/2022 13:07:35)

Alina's Twitter page mentioned that we will have our next encounter with the orc Dogear this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/6/2022 10:32:20)

As a lover of new storylines, this week was pretty empty. The gear wasnt impressive, either

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/6/2022 13:30:15)

We did have to fight Dogear again. The HP and MP thing classified him as an Orc. Did that classification show up on the other Orcs that can be fought? To recap, the re-release of the Horc uprising mentioned that the pig-like Orcs are classified as Pink Orcs which are weaker than the Green Orcs.

The next release will be the Singapore Independence Day event.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/6/2022 17:32:24)

Singapore's mid-week. Our Japanese jedi gets next week,

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/7/2022 12:44:10)

The calendar for this month says that Crystallis is this Friday. Isn't that the one that involved a visit to Yokai Island's possible future?

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/7/2022 14:48:57)

And the Crystallis involves Kotaro

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/8/2022 14:05:43)

Didn't that end with us being confronted by someone?

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/8/2022 16:01:27)

We fought Officers Apa & Eta, who then told us that Kotaro is a wanted criminal

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/9/2022 14:04:32)

Now we continue on from that release. I recall that there was a fight on some bullet train. That might've been it.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/13/2022 13:04:11)

Some people may think the Crystallis story is fresh. But, as an anime fan, I see a few cliche plots

The Villains hiding in the protagonist organization

The innocent young male protagonist being killed before revealing a secret

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/14/2022 12:28:18)

Were the anomalies that we fought based off anything?

The Archivist appears to either ruling future Akiba with an iron fist or she is working for someone who did.

When competing in the event, it would appear that the building where we fought the Major Anomaly has been doing Yokai-related experiments.

Part of the Shadow of War finale is this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/15/2022 10:46:43)

There could be many animes the anomlies are based off. Maybe one where humans are turned into yokai

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/15/2022 14:26:26)

We already dealt with a parody of "Attack on Titan" that took place in another dimension.

If we start experiencing another version of Lore, how long will it be before we end up with a release called "Crisis on Infinite Lores"?

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/20/2022 11:35:52)

I've always liked how Malgor looks, and the Corrupted Mana Guardian finally gives that to me

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/21/2022 12:57:44)

Shadowknight Gar's Mal-Formed Gar form was described as being draconic.

By the time Malgor appears in the final cutscene, his armor had gotten damaged. We also learned that he doesn't have a soul for Drakath to crush. In his final acts, Mal-Formed Gar bit into Malgor's leg as they are sucked into the time stream.

The third part is this Friday.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/21/2022 17:16:24)

I assumed Gar bit Malgor like a binding hug, and Gar's Affliction exploded, launching Malgor and Drakath into the portal

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/22/2022 13:55:56)

That could've been what happened.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/22/2022 14:22:06)

If you watch the final scene, and read Gravelyn's text after, that's what happened

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/24/2022 14:34:06)

We will have to follow them into the timestream by this Friday's release.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/27/2022 17:10:46)

Like July, August's releases were pretty uninspired. However, we got some great art. Winners include:

- Mystical/Apocryphal Yokai Warrior
- Corrupted Mana Guardian
- Faerie Guardian (released July 29, but still)

Rtkat3 -> RE: August 2022 (8/28/2022 13:15:43)

We are still locked in the Timestream War. Tyndarius is taking the brunt of the strain.

Beshin Adin -> RE: August 2022 (8/30/2022 13:55:28)

Tyndarius was lost, I cant tell if Abel barely hung on

The ending mind-freaked me.......

nvm, it looks like we lost Abel, too.......

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