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Jay -> Conflux Seeker (8/5/2022 21:54:15)

[image][/image]Conflux Seeker
What seems like an ornate pickaxe can shift to defend its wielder- revealing its true form and reflecting its wielder's heart. Click to change shape! (Cosmetic)(CC: Base, Trim, Element)
(No DA Required)

Location: Conflux Seeker (Shop)
Price: 500 Dragon Coins
Sellback: 450 Dragon Coins before 24 hours, 125 Dragon Coins after 24 hours

Level: 1
Damage: 0-0
Element: Silver
Bonuses: None
Resists: None

Rarity: 0
Item Type: Scythe
Damage Type: Magic/Pierce/Melee
Equip Spot: Weapon
Category: Weapon

Other information
  • Click anywhere on the weapon to change its appearance between pickaxe (default) and scythe.
  • Weapon is color-custom to the player's base and trim colors.
  • Weapon is animated; weapon bursts with energy between appearance transitions, expanding or shrinking while transitioning between states.
  • Weapon's scythe appearance is attuned to player's equipped weapon's element; refer to this chart for all appearances.

    Pickaxe (Default)


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