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Feldoran -> I'm trying to revive OverSoul! (8/18/2022 19:05:11)

This video I've posted is just the start but I'm trying my best as a relatively newer player to OverSoul to reignite the spark (or ignite the spark) in players new and old alike.

WHY I LOVE OVERSOUL - A Youtube Love Letter
If you're at all interested in joining the OverSoul Revival Discord, you can join below.

The OverSoul Revival Server: https://discord.gg/gUbeV3HBdy

I'm also going to start streaming OverSoul every other Sunday (or maybe more often, depends) on my twitch channel which you can find below. I'm going to try to start hosting tournaments again if the discord server can get enough members!


Hope you can join me in kickstarting a new wave of OverSoul!

GuardMouse -> RE: I'm trying to revive OverSoul! (9/23/2022 12:05:25)

Good luck my friend!

Magical Winds -> RE: I'm trying to revive OverSoul! (12/4/2022 20:44:46)

Respect. Enjoy your time playing!

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