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lifetime dreamer -> Spell casting Paladins? (11/23/2022 20:58:50)

is it worth it to turn your Paladin char. into a Hybrid? Or are the benefits only limited to a small scope of skills?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Spell casting Paladins? (11/25/2022 20:38:41)

(Champion) Holy Armor is a Hybrid Armor like Werepyre, it benefits from the assumption of a Melee/Ranged weapon's 100% melee, while adding value from Mana, for example a 100% melee standard skill cost is split 50% melee in Sp and Mp each for Werepyre, Holy Armor can toggle between Sp or Mp cost instead of splitting.
A Mage is assumed to have a 75% melee weapon and adds 125% melee from the Sp or Mp cost of a standard skill or spell for 200% melee.

The differences among Champion Holy Avenger/Armor/Arcanist in stats used for their skills and resource costs.

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