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melinalowks -> Reviving the game (3/10/2023 15:46:19)

Iím going to be brief and not give long explanations. These are the following suggestions I feel will help bring back old players and potentially bring in new players.

1.) Return of Stat Modifiers, but at the same time weapons that came out in Omega will not have stat modifiers and both sets of weapons will coexist with each other. The weapons released in Pre-Omega will have more stats combined (with stat modifiers) than weapons released in Omega by x amount. Weapons with stat modifiers will have level requirements.

2.) All classes will have their original skills and at the same time remove the current energy dependency. I will note I like the new skills that came out, but I wish for them to be reserved for a hypothetical new classes should demand warrant it; I will note the new skills can be confusing for old players coming back

Tech Mage - will have Reroute instead of Concentration

Bounty Hunter - will have EMP Grenade instead of Static Grenade

Mercenary -
a.) Hybrid Armor will have a set amount of Defense and Resistance points instead of being based on percentage.
b.) will have Adrenaline instead of Reactive Armor
c.) will have Atom Smasher instead of Static Smash

Blood Mage -
a.) will have Blood Lust instead of Mania
b.) will have Overlord instead of Fire Scythe
c.) will have Plasma Rain instead of Fire rain
d.) will have Reflex Boost instead of Blood Instinct
e.) will have Intimidate instead of Terrify
f.) will have Berzerker instead of Energy Parasite
g.) will have Supercharge instead of Maelstrom
h.) will have Deadly Aim instead of Red Vision

Cyber Hunter (imo it looks entirely unrecognizable) - Field Medic will stay and will have the following skills - Defense Matrix, Cheap Shot, Malfunction, Plasma Armor (will have a set amount of Resistance points instead of being based on percentage), Plasma Grenade, Static Charge, Multi shot, Massacre, Venom Strike, Shadow Arts

Tactical Mercenary -
a.) will have Double Strike instead of Crippling Strike
b.) will have Blood Shield instead of Force Field
c.) will have Stun Grenade instead of Barbed Grenade
d.) Field Commander will grant you strength instead of support
e.) will have Atom Smasher instead of Tactical Grenade
f.) have Surgical Strike instead of Annihilation
Additional comments: Iím well aware Suppressing fire is the same as Artillery Strike, but could go for it if itís for nostalgic purposes.

3.) Removing certain rare cores from purchasing like Frostbite, Jack-O-Fire. Itís easy to buy Varium and just purchase the cores. Since this game has a credit inflation problem, only way to get cores like Jack-O-Fire or Azraels Will would be to buy the actual weapon itself. But you can still remove the cores once you purchase the weapon.

4.) Mobile Version

5.) This suggestion requires #4 more importantly, but having a referral system. Invite people to play and win gift cards. It would be pretty nice if the current player base participated in the forums and I would also propose to either give them a gift or reward them for joining the forums and participating since Iíve noticed not many players engage in the forums.

EDIT (3/18/23): After having second thoughts and imagined how time consuming it wound be, I changed my mind on suggestion #1, as giving every Pre-Omega weapon would be a headache. Instead (if possible) give stat modifiers to Pre-Omega Varium weapons/armors that wouldíve had a Level 30+ Level Requirement and those weapons can be usable at Level 40

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