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NEOCROM -> Class advice and accesories (8/6/2023 5:51:47)

1. Since DMK V1 is forbidden in time inn, which would be like 2nd strongest class to actually have a change against bosses there?
2. For a lvl 80, a good ring, trinket, belt and necklace, which would be?
3. Any advice on weapon or the ultimate dragon schyte should do the trick for now?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Class advice and accesories (8/6/2023 7:43:54)

Anything pertaining to class to Inn meta analysis, please refer to this page found in the DF Endgame Wiki.

For best gear, make do with this Google Docs.

NEOCROM -> RE: Class advice and accesories (8/9/2023 12:37:37)

What google docs? Is there some guide about it? Any link if it is?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Class advice and accesories (8/9/2023 15:25:04)

Do you NOT see that the "this" in the second sentence is blue due to being laced with a link to the aforementioned Google Docs?

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