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PotatoMika -> [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (8/16/2023 15:40:22)

I've been playing Dragonfable on and off since 2010 and I have been super happy seeing how much the game has changed over the decade. I'm also super touched that we have the option to change pronouns for our heroes. I LOVE getting more options to make my heroes feel more like they're uniquely mine with all the things added. The one thing I wish we had were more hairstyles inclusive of black heroes. I've been mulling this around in my head for YEARS even when I was super young and still playing, but after posting about it online I received a suggestion to mention this in a forum. I checked every single barbershop in the game, and I even searched a list of everyone in-game, and...there aren't many options. We have reached the point where now they are many different cosmetic options in the game being added frequently. I would love it if in the future there is an update where we just have a baseline of afro-textured hairstyles for black heroes anyone would like to make. They are a large array of hairstyles to also choose from such as locs, cornrows, bantu knots, lemonade braids, twists, afro puffs, high tops, different styles of afros, and the list goes on.

I have a list of different references of styles, etc I would use for my friends and artists I know who want references to other afro-textured styles, but I do not think I am allowed to share them here since it is an external link! I hope some others share the sentiment of wanting more options for making heroes that reflect them in-game. I hope this can reach someone. Thank you!

Sr. dragao -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (8/16/2023 17:52:45)

I'm not Black, but your idea seems very sane to me. A few more could be an interesting addition.

Flabagast -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (8/18/2023 6:42:58)

I like this idea too. More varied hairstyles are definitely something the devs have been introducing to the Inn for a while now via Cana's barbershop, so I can totally see this happening.

Verlyrus -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (9/8/2023 13:36:42)

This was something Dove was looking into relatively recently, actually! I believe we had some concepts done but then it fell through the cracks. I'll see what we can do!

brotherinlaw -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (9/9/2023 22:45:41)

Let's be honest, the hairshops are getting pretty dated, a rework is in order. And, as someone else said, not black myself but more hairstyles ,not just for black players but hispanic and other racial minority groups with iconic hairstyles that are a part of their cultural identity should be a thing.

Much less importantly, I think beard styles should be a separate slider under hair and above hair color. Definately focus on the multicultural hairstyles though, AQW should not be getting ahead of Dragonfable in ANY aspect of the art department, let alone it's cultural awareness.

mahasamatman -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (9/18/2023 16:04:08)

I love how inclusive, progressive and wholesome this community is (and so are the devs!)

Glais -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (9/19/2023 15:26:20)

More black and other textured hairstyles would be great. I'm black and would've loved these options when I first signed up as a kid. I do appreciate that they've got some wavier hairstyles in recent years at least.

spirit of greed -> RE: [Suggestion] More Hairstyles for black heroes? (9/30/2023 8:14:13)

That's a really good yet simple idea, i can't believe nobody asked for it yet. I can see Verly and Dove giving us as a future hero appearance update release

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