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Alalev -> Is Drakath the Antichrist? (9/26/2023 13:37:03)

— Drakath, tell me the truth. Are you the antichrist?
It was a quite peaceful day at Crown’s Reach.

Drakath raised a brow — Enlighten me?
— You know, like, the opposite of Jesus, that guy from that book the inquisition follows, son of god and-
— I’m aware of the bible, yes.

— So, the thing is. First, you were born from a… — The woman cautiously chose her words — man of… easy virtue.

— Just call him a wanton. — Drakath amused.
— You said it, not me. Anyways, you were born from him, and your godmother was an evil god who gave you powers. Do you see the parallel?
— Go on.

— Jesus died when he reached 33, to redeem people’s sins, while you started preaching the word when you reached around that age, to bring to light people’s sins.
— It’s an interesting way to word it.

— Jesus had 12 apostles. You had 12 apostles.

— Thirteen. — He corrected.
— I’m not in the sum. I’m The Dragon of Time. — Alice said as a matter of fact.
— Sure. — He rolled his eyes. — We’ll pretend that’s true.

— Lastly, out of your TWELVE apostles, — She emphasized, narrowing her eyes. — In the end, you only made amends with one of them. Reverse Judas.
— Correct.
— In that sense, you must be the antichrist. Right?

Drakath put his hands on his chin as thinking, staring at the ceiling. — Hm…

— Right? Right??
She tried to quicken an answer out by waving her hands in front of him, while he just dodged.

Finally, he spoke.
— I’m actually impressed that you have read the bible.
— That’s not an answer.

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