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Beshin Adin -> December 2023 (11/30/2023 11:38:46)

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/1/2023 11:06:21)

Frostval returns tonight, an event hub will be established, and we will be fighting a boss monster.

The rest of this month's releases have not been revealed yet.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/1/2023 19:53:51)

The Winter Wolf is a great Frostval representative

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/2/2023 13:37:59)

The Amarok is a gigantic wolf in Inuit Mythology. Valencia described it as a Northlands wolf that was blessed by the Avatars of Ice and Electricity.

Last night's release did not have a quest button when it came to fighting the Amarok.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/3/2023 18:57:01)

btw, we're getting Dessert Chronomaster this month

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/4/2023 12:54:18)

Does that answer the question to the person who kept asking about it?

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/9/2023 12:18:11)

I want the class, so 10 days of giving

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/10/2023 13:43:39)

The Auberon have been described as northern druids that can turn into bear monsters and have since preferred to stay in these forms.

The frozen and dismembered corpse of a dead monster has been stated to need a whole country's worth of Necromancers to raise it.

The final scene's twist ending revealed an entity called Fimbul being responsible and is said to predate the Elemental Avatars. They named it after the Fimbulwinter which is described in Norse Mythology as the winters with no summer and also the prelude before Ragnarok.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/10/2023 19:11:21)

The draugr are also a Norse myth

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/14/2023 13:40:41)

Yes they are.

The second part is this Friday where we will have to deal with Fimbul as it takes control of Glace's body. Last we recall, Kyanos is currently inert after our final showdown with Malgor.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/14/2023 14:39:41)


Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/16/2023 12:33:49)

The combination of Fimbul's spirit and Glace's corpse created the Fimbulventr Witch. Luckily for us, Glace's ghost appeared to put Fimbul to rest. At least we now know another fact about Glace and Kyanos' past involving an action that they both regretted.

The Ettins were treated as giants that somehow went extinct and we fought Ettin Golems that are golems created by Fimbul in their likeness. Mueran tried to find any remains of Ettins during his last trip to the Northlands to no avail.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/16/2023 12:44:40)

A fun and interesting release

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/18/2023 13:36:59)

The calendar says that this Friday is a Magic Carolling event.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/20/2023 14:20:20)

and a LQS

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/22/2023 13:08:03)

The Magic Carolling event begins tonight.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/23/2023 12:26:54)

AQW carolling is always lots of fun

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/27/2023 11:45:29)

All that is mentioned on the calendar for Friday is that we'll be fighting a random enemy on Yoshino's map.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/29/2023 21:04:07)

This week's quests were nice and simple. I give 'Best this Month' to New Years.

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/30/2023 11:09:09)

Now we have to prepare for 2024.

The AQW Team stated that the next chapter in the "Age of Ruin" is going to occur. Next on our task is the Rumbling of Cold Thunder ever since the Old World Order silenced Neso: Elemental Avatar of Water who was revealed to be the Voice Beneath the Sea. Before she was silenced, Neso was trying to warn us about the truth revolving around the Old World Order.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/30/2023 12:10:40)

Cold Thunder means Ice vs Energy?

Rtkat3 -> RE: December 2023 (12/31/2023 12:13:01)

Is that your theory?

We already contended with Amarok which was a Northlands wolf that was blessed by the Elemental Avatars of Ice and Energy.

Beshin Adin -> RE: December 2023 (12/31/2023 20:30:29)

Yes, it makes sennse

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