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Beshin Adin -> April 2024 (4/1/2024 11:30:44)


Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/1/2024 13:21:48)

With Easter having been Yesterday, I doubt that they will have an Easter event unless they consider a Post-Easter release.

Nothing has been added to the Calendar yet. We shall keep checking. Though we might get an Earth Day-type release as usual.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/1/2024 20:09:56)

Alina said the 5th will be 'eggsellent'

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/2/2024 11:05:58)

If that was mentioned on Twitter, then the AQW Team are doing a Post-Easter release.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/5/2024 21:22:21)

Another average Grenwog Day

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/6/2024 12:05:04)

They've added the fourth hall. While the trainer for Dragon of Time doesn't sell the armor, there is another trainer who doesn't have much description about it. One person on Twitter claimed that it might have something to do with Darkon.

For anyone wanting to get the Dragon of Time armor, one of the quests involves obtaining three things from Trigoras who is one of the most challenging monsters in the game. If only the Trigoras from Dragon Challenge could drop the same item.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/6/2024 14:49:28)

I hope this doesnt mean there will be no more clllasses

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/7/2024 12:08:57)

If they did, the Class Hall would've been reconstructed like Swordhaven was.

As for the April Hub, one of the monsters we had to fight there was a Godzilla parody named Eggzilla. The rest of the Godzilla parodies in this game were just pets.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/10/2024 18:59:18)

More Yokai Dragons on Friday

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/11/2024 13:25:15)

They updated the calendar. Looks like we'll be preparing for a rescue party for Ai No Miko after what happened in the last part that involved her banishing herself and supposed Shadowscythe member Koschei Yaga (who was controlling Zakhavatchik's corpse like a puppet in the Battle of Haku). This will also involved the rest of the twelve descendants being rounded up for it.

Alina recently liked my tweet on X about me asking if we'll end up in a Battleunder location where the leZard Men reside. I didn't get a response for it. We'll comes across their underground land eventually.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/12/2024 21:14:50)

I love this arc so much^^

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/13/2024 12:00:12)

To recap, Baoyu Lin is the descendant of the Jade Dragon, Haruki Matsuoka is the half-oni descendant of the Jade Hound, and Yue Huang is the descendant of the Jade Rabbit. From what we learned in the recent release, the descendants of the Jade Ox and the Jade Ram have been confirmed to be dead, Chen is a descendant of the Jade Mouse who works for Gravelyn, Kana Shinohara is the descendant of the Jade Rooster who used to work in Seabase Undine's medical division, Li Granville is the descendant of the Jade Monkey who works as a newspaper journalist ever since he was disowned by his father who was a Greenguard nobleman, and the descendants of the Jade Horse and the Jade Tiger are on their way. Did we get the identities of the descendants for the Jade Snake and the Jade Pig?

As for Koschei Yaga, she is state to be a dragon in human disguise by the Great Yokai Spirit possessing Ai No Miko in her alias of Ai No Mikito. Koschei Yaga came from a plane that is different from the ones that the Elemental Avatars reside in and is said to be on the same level as Akriloth.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/13/2024 17:47:32)

Is Miko of the Jade Serpent

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/14/2024 13:16:25)

I think that was mentioned somewhere. The note did mention the metal snakes that we had to fight and had to rest after each one due to the Mercury Poisoning attack.

This Friday is the next part where we'll have to work to keep Ai No Mikito safe as the next two descendants that I mentioned in the last post arrive. I still think it was tragic that we lost the descendants of the Jade Ox and the Jade Sheep as they were mentioned to have been taken out by Kitsune's followers. At least we now know the differences between Kitsune and the Kitsune race as the latter are depicted as being in their human disguises with fox tails.

In addition, we learned that Ai No Miko's mother died from exhaustion due to her duties to Yokai Island.

I can't say if we'll visit Wuji at some point. That will be for the AQW Team to decide. Perhaps a future release will have the players working to have Wuji and Yokai Island settle their difference. Right?

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/14/2024 16:47:45)

Which reminds me, 2025 will be the Green Wood Snake

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/19/2024 14:45:23)

Yokai Dragons Pt. 4 begins tonight. There is a Tweet from Alina stating that Gravelyn might show up during this event.

Are you saying that next year is the Year of the Snake?

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/20/2024 11:47:02)

Yiren's true identity surprised me

Yes I am

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/21/2024 12:51:34)

Yes that twist was revealed when Gravelyn and the Shadowscythe came into view. Yiren was the alias of Ying Zhao: Emperor of Wuji and Champion of Metal who fathered the Twelve Princes and Princesses. Immortality has been forced on his descendants. Before disappearing to do some traveling, he did place a "tree" as Wuji's acting ruler. At one point, we should have a release that enables us to visit Wuji. We already know that Melchior is the Elemental Avatar of Metal who hasn't shown up in person yet.

Now that the Great Yokai Spirit has become one with Ai No Miko, she is claimed to have ascended to godhood. Once she has finished her duties and appointed an acting ruler, she will be attending an upcoming summit held by Queen Victoria. Perhaps this summit might be seen in a future event and have us meeting with the other heads of state. Wouldn't you agree.

Koschei Yaga survived after using the Mikoto Kukol'yy to fight us and has been shot into the ocean. I have a feeling that we're not done with her yet. As the Dragon of Nature who had a falling out with Terrane: Elemental Avatar of Nature, she is part of the Great Dragons alongside Akriloth.

They reused the Inugami from Heiwa Valley.

This Friday's release is listed as "Shrouded in Darkness" on the AQW Calendar whatever that means.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/21/2024 19:39:06)

I bet Fa's involved.......

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/22/2024 14:04:14)

Darkon revealed on X (formerly called Twitter) some images regarding this Friday's release. I can't say if it will be a prequel or a follow-up to our ordeal in Astravia. That will be for the AQW team to decide.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/26/2024 19:36:19)

This new class isn't for me.

Best this month was Yokai Dragon. I love yokai.

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/27/2024 11:49:53)

As least we got a background of the Arcane which appeared to be the source of where the viral parasites behind the strange creatures came from.

They also mentioned that Astravia is now in ruins after what happened. We already know that there were a few survivors involving the Scales who weren't originally killed by King Drago when usurped control of the throne from Darkon.

To reiterate from the Yokai Dragons finale, there is a foreshadowing of a summit that will be held by Queen Victoria which will be happening soon. Perhaps we'll run into the rest of the Heads of State and/or Heads of Government when that release is made.

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/27/2024 19:23:18)

And we will see if Victoria has really gone insane

Rtkat3 -> RE: April 2024 (4/28/2024 13:35:28)

Who gave that allegation?

Beshin Adin -> RE: April 2024 (4/30/2024 16:49:33)

Swordhaven's recent negligence is suspiicious

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