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NGLO87 -> Dropping Weapons (5/26/2024 19:05:07)

How do I sell or drop a weapon? I want to sell/drop lower level weapons so I can get higher level weapons. I've not found this topic in the FAQs. If it is, would someone point me to where it is on the forums?

Laeon val Observis -> RE: Dropping Weapons (5/26/2024 19:17:57)

To sell an item, go access any shop, there will be buttons at the upper area marked as "Buy" or "Sell". Click "Sell", and it should route you to your items. If you click an item, its Item Details will include info on its sellback and if it could be sold in the first place.

To destroy (Not drop. I have to correct your terms usage as drop in this game refers to an item rewarded to you at the end of a quest without purchasing) an item, simply check the said item's Item Detail in the Inventory interface if a "Destroy" button is available. Otherwise, you better hope it can be sold. If you're NDA, then you're stuck with an item cluttering your inventory due to a lack of access to the DA feature that is the Bank.

This is not much about being not in the FAQ, but more your lacking curiosity on interface navigation to compensate due to the fact that neither Rolith nor Maya at Book's One and Three Oaklore respectively have yet to have a guide for that. Unless of course language barrier is also hampering your experience.

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