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Suikoman444 -> Leeroy Jenkins! (9/13/2005 19:25:35)

Leeroy Jenkins!

Location: Travel Map -> Vamprook Spyre

The Legendary Vamprook Spyre in far northern Darkovia is known for being a tough challenge for even the most prepared and experienced Adventures. But preparation can only take you so far...

Grodd: Okay guys, these Vampragon eggs have given us a lot of trouble in the past. Does anybody need any XP off them or can we bypass them?
Grodd: Uh, remember, if we even touch one single egg they'll all hatch.
«You»: I think Leroy needs some XP?"
Grodd: Okay, well what we'll do--I'll run in first, gather up all the eggs, we can kinda just blast them all down with AE spells.
Grodd: I will use intimidating shout to kinda scatter them so we don't have to fight a whole bunch of them at once.
Grodd: When my shout's done I'll need Amani to come in and drop her Shout too so we can keep them scattered not to fight too many.
Grodd: Um, when she's done Bask of course needs to run in and do the same thing.
Grodd: Uh, we're gponna need Divine intervention on our mages so they can AE, so we can get them down fast cuz we're bringing all these guys--
Grodd: I mean, we'll be in trouble if we don' take them down quick. Uh, I think it's a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off this time.
Grodd: Uh, what do you think Amani, an you give me a number crunch real quick?
Amani: Uh, yeah gimme a sec. Uhhh, I'm coming up with 32.33, repeating, of course, percentage, of survival.
Grodd: Uh, that's a lot better than we usually do, uhh--.
«You»: You're a very good leader, Grodd. This is the best plan I heard in a long time!
Leeroy: Alright, time's up, let's do this.
Leeroy: Leeeeeeeeeroooooooyyyy

«Leeroy runs in»

Amani: OMG he just ran in.
«You»: uh oh.
Grodd: Stick to the plan.
«You»: uh oh, we have to save him--
Grodd: Let's go, let's go.

«Grodd, Amani and you run in»

«You»: This.is.not. good.
«You»: Oh no
Grodd: Stick to the plan
Amani: Divine intervention
Grodd: Where's that Intimidating Shout??
Amani: I can't move.
«You»: The eggs keep hatching!
Grodd: Stick to the plan!
Amani: I can't move! Am I lagging guys??
Leeroy: We got 'em. We got'em.
«You»: OMG
Grodd: Oh fer--
Amani: We're all going down!
Grodd: OMG
Amani: Leroy, you moron
«You»: Leeroy's a Paladin, maybe he can rez us?
Leeroy: I'm trying, it's not my fault!
Grodd: OMG
«You»: Oh fer--
«You»: Great job Leeroy
Grodd: Leeroy, you are just stupid.

Can you resurrect yourself? Resurrection requires 2 successful rolls in a row.
Difficulty: 50
Stat: Intelligence

Difficulty: 50
Stat: Luck

«You»: WoW!! I'm alive again! Resurrection is the best!

Light Vampragon

Leeroy: I'm sorry I got us all killed! Can you keep going and kill the boss so we actually finish this quest?
«You»: Well, I guess I can. Do I have to share the experience with you?
Leeroy: Only if you want to.
«You»: I don't want to.
Leeroy: ...
Amani: hehe
«You»: Okay, time to fight the boss!

At this point you have the option to loot the group’s potions

If you take the potions then you gain 2 HP and 2 mana potions.
Amani: Hey!! I’m going to remember that!

If you don’t take the potions nothing happens.

«You»: This place gets colder with every step I take!
«You»: akkk! What is that I just stepped in???

Here you have the choice to either look at what you stepped in or to not look.

If you don’t look

«You»: Ah, who care what I stepped in?? I just want to kill the boss!!

Then you can click boss fight or “Go ahead, you know you want to look…”

If you look…
«You»: *shivers* G--g--guuurk--

Constitution Check
Can you withsatnd the gross-out factor of the horrible sight you lay your eyes on??
Difficulty 60
Stat Used: Strength

Win: You have an iron will! what you see does not affect you!
Lose: You are so disgusted that you LOSE 30 HP!

You then fight the boss, Fire Wyrm Dragon.

«You»: I won!! That fire wyrm didn't stand a chance.

«You walk into the other room»

If you didn’t take the potions.
«You»: Heh...Hi guys. How is everyone? I see you're all healed up. That must be nice.
Amani: Lucky us! We didn't have to fight the boss. Come on, let's get out of here before Leeroy does something stupid again.
Leeroy: It wasn't stupid. I was the only brave one enough to come in here!!
Grodd: You know what they say. There is a veeeeery fine line between bravery and stupidity...
Leeroy: Who are THEY? I keep hearing about THEY
Amani: Hmm, someone just crossed that line.

If you did take the potions.
«You»: Heh...Hi guys. How is everyone? I see you're all healed up. That must be nice.
Amani: You took our potions. Prepare to die.

You then fight Leeroy and Friends.
«You»: Now that was a fun quest! We should do it again sometime. See you later!

You go back to town.

Constitution win dialogue from destructionist. Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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