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Golden Axe

Also see the Golden Set ( Plate, Shield)
Level: 105
Power Level: 105
Price: 1,000,000 Gold
Sellback: 700,000 Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 19-32
BTH: 13

Hits: 2
Element: Light
Type: Magic
Damage: 606.50% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 396.50% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +44 each
Rate: 20%

Against undead and zombies, all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials deal 110% damage.

FULL SET BONUS - Weapon + Armour + Shield
If you're in the weapon+armour+shield, then on the weapon's Special, it heals you. It's a third hit that does *[# of hits connected]*11/6 healing damage.

The greatest of Light axes, capable of piercing even the blackest night. Its energy is fierce when vanquishing the undead, as the paladin-lord Loki demonstrated in his crusades. The Light Lord smiles on those who wield the arsenal of the paladin-lords.


Set bonus info thanks to Powerocket89. New sellback information thanks to Minion of Poelala and Legasee. Links from Nex del Vida. Correction from Oblivion Incarnate. New damage range by Legasee. Image thanks to Trans. Update thanks to tamle.


August 24, 2004: The weapon was released.
December 8, 2012: The weapon was updated to the most current standards. See revision for older stats.
February 26, 2014: Name was changed from Golden Axe of Legacy.

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