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The Undead Princess

Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

«The very first quest to be released in the game of L.O.R.E., before it was even called Adventure Quest.»

You walk until the moon begins to rise... a dark mist
rolls in from the east. An unnatural cold washes over
you... and you hear the footsteps of something lurching
towards you.

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    1 BATTLE
    Undead Princess (15)

    «After the battle, the dark soul of the Undead Princess lingers on and a transparent figure forms in front of you.»

    The Undead Princess: Thank you brave warrior, for you have freed me, Princess Essinel, from a deathly prison in which I have suffered so long.
    The Undead Princess: Now I ask of you this one thing: travel to free the spirit of my father King Orthas from the same horrible form. Do this, and earn my eternal gratitude.
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    1 BATTLE
    Undead King (25)

    «From the dark soul remnant of the battle forms a ghastly figure of the Undead King.»

    Undead King: I am free from my skeletal prison at last. Accept my thanks and know that more quests will be available in the near future. In the meantime, fight some of the monsters outside of the inn.
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    Update from whackybeanz.

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