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Dracomancer Armor

Level: 20
Price: 2 000 1 800 218
Sellback: 1200 109
Location: Guardian shop / Class Shops: Dracomancer / Knight / Rogue
Element: Neutral

COMBAT DEFENCE  Level 0-9   Level 10
   Melee:           20         25
   Magic:           20         25
   Ranged:          25         32

ELEMENT MODIFIERS  Level 0-3 Level 4-10
      Fire:            98        96
      Water:           98        96
      Wind:            98        96
      Ice:             98        96
      Earth:           98        96
      Energy:          98        96
      Light:          105       102
      Dakness:        105       102

Wear this suit of armor to train as a Dracomancer! Find Lord Cyrus in the Dragonspine Mountains and learn abilities such as Dragon's Claw, Dragon Summoning, and the ultimate Half-Dragon ability!

Hits: 1
Damage: 100% Base and 125% Random
BTH: +0%



Level 1: Dragon's Heart.
A Magic attack that costs 40 HP, but has a very high BTH and can restore some of your MP!
MP Cost: 0

If you have 40 or less HP it fails, if you have 40 or more HP you take 40 damage, then heal 1 and then if your Endurance is greater than 30 you get MP equal to 2.5% of your HP.

Then you attack:
Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and Random
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: 50%

Pic: Click!

Level 2: Dragon's Claw.
This magic attack transforms your arm into a magical dragon's claw that always does 1.5 fire damage!
MP Cost: 40

Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and Random
Attack type: Magic
Element: Fire
BTH: 50%

Pic: Click!

Level 3: Resistance Bonus
Increased elemental resistance!

Level 4: Dragon's Wings
Focus the winds made by a set of mighty dragon's wings!
MP Cost: 80 MP

Hits: 3
Damage: 36-52, 14-20, 36-52
Element: Wind
Type: Magic
BTH: 10%, 100%, 10%

Pic: Click!

Level 5: Summon Bob.
Summon High Dracomancer Lord Cyrus's loyal pet wyrvern Bob!
MP Cost: 60 MP
Pic: Click!

Level 6: Dragon's Fury! - Guardian Only
A strong 2- hit attack drawing on the anger of powerful war dragons!
MP Cost: 35 MP

Hits: 2
Damage: 100% base and random each. You lose 1%-1 of your current HP after each hit.
BTH: +5 Each.

Pic: Click!

Level 7: Dragon Brood - Guardian Only
Call forth an entire brood of young dragons to lay waste to your enemies!
MP Cost: 90 MP

Hits: 8
Damage: 8-12 each
Attack type: Magic
Element: Wind, Darkness, Light, Water, Energy, Earth, Ice, Fire
BTH: 0% Each
Pic: Click!

Level 8: Great Dragon - Guardian Only
Summon the Great Dragon, Kethorat, for help. He might say no, or he might assail your foe with element X!
MP Cost: 100 MP
Success rate: 60%

Hits: 5
Damage: 22-28 each
Attack type: Ranged
Element: Harm
BTH: 0% Each

Pic: Summons

Level 9: Defense bonus - Guardian Only
Increased defense!

Level 10: Half Dragon! - Guardian Only
Focus all your skills and magical powers to give yourself massive power as a part-dragon hybrid! 10% of occurring as a regular attack.
MP Cost: 150 MP

Hits: 1
Damage: 600% base and random.
Attack type: Magic
BTH: 80%
Rate: 50%


Hits: 2
Damage: 200% base and random each.
Attack type: Melee
BTH: 40%
Rate: 50%

Pic: Click!
Colour may change based on your own skin

Thanks to robocop for miscellaneous information and Valco for attack pictures, computafreak for a price update, Powerrocket89 for attack stats, and Mikey05 for location notes!
Thanks to ex soldeir92 for the sellback. Thanks to Crimzon5 for a small correction. Skill tree/amour images from feral__john. Location correction thanks to ubear. Guardian requirements from Rhowena.

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