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Duskstar -> RE: Guide Requests (11/26/2012 16:02:01)

Topic: Rares to Look Out For
Purpose: To help people be aware of what seasonal rares there are, when/where to find them, and whether or not they are worth using.
Reason: It could be quite helpful, and I've got a section for it in the UWG, but it is probably worth seperating it so as to lessen confusion.
Checked Threads: Everywhere.

This concept has already been brought up twice and has been rejected in both instances. The Equipment Comparison forum is the prime resource to determine the usefulness of a rare item beyond judgment that can already be determined by power level and raw stats. This coupled with the limited use of such a guide does not bode well for overturning the standing judgment. ~TG

Dark Monkey -> RE: Guide Requests (3/28/2013 9:47:17)

Topic: Guide to Seasonal Items
Purpose: To make it easier to figure out if a seasonal item is worth getting compared to suggested items of the same nature from the "Ultimate [insert build here] Guides"
Reason: Because the build guides do not cover seasonal items I imagine a lot of them get over looked because "well its not on my to buy list so why should I wast my money" when some might do better then the suggested item and will end up lasting longer. It should be relativity low maintenance (only needing updated during seasonal events) and because seasonal item will be brought back next year plus new ones they are not technically rares.
Checked Threads: The Training Academy: Ultimate [insert build here] Guides

Refer to the edit on the above post. ~TG

strqaz -> RE: Guide Requests (6/2/2013 16:30:53)

Topic: Lvl 80~100 Mage leveling guide for Power/Annihilator Mage
Purpose: Good leveling spots time/effort wise for said range
Reason: No good list of leveling spots at this range, mostly its 100+
Checked Threads: Ultimate Mage guide, all FGC's

This type of guide belongs in the Farming Guide Compilation. ~TG

Seth Hydra -> RE: Guide Requests (7/30/2013 15:25:22)

Topic: Custom Class builds
Purpose: Provide an idea to players who seek to play the game with reference to a particular class, for a better RP experience.
Reason: There exists a thread, which is however out of date.
Checked Threads: Custom Class builds

Syth -> RE: Guide Requests (11/20/2013 21:18:32)

Topic: Compression
Purpose: To list all items that "compress" space listed by element/type (as in pet, spell, weapon ect)
Reason: I feel this is needed and would be very useful so players won't have to scroll through pages of items just to find a single compression item.
Checked Threads: None seemed relevant.

Notable compression items are suggested in all Training Academy Guides. Anything that isn't listed is generally not worth picking up or is Rare. For Weapons, Pedia also has equipment listed under "Shifting Elements/Element Seeking" I'll look at trying to sort 'Seeking' for Pets and Spells as well.~ Ward_Point

KlawdStrife -> RE: Guide Requests (5/1/2014 9:50:37)

Topic: Status Infliction
Purpose: List out how to calculate items that inflict status conditions.
Reason: Not sure about the others but I usually ignore items with status conditions because I can't tell how good they are. There might be people who prefers to use status inflicting items as well so it might be good to know how to tell whether an item is good or not.
Checked Threads: Guides in the Equipment Comparison Index

The Encyclopedia has a page on how Statuses are inflicted. The staff run numbers based on a ten turn model and decide the appropriate damage modifier to apply to the weapon. For example, for a weapon that attempts to paralyse every turn at a 10% chance to inflict will have its damage cut by 10%. The same reasoning applies to almost every other Status effect ~ Ward_Point

UKTone -> RE: Guide Requests (7/22/2014 3:08:02)

Topic: List of Highest XP (and Gold) Monsters and how to get to them, and listed by level scales (not how to beat them)
Purpose: A list to help players go beyond their max caps by making one of them their last battle, gives players a challenge/goal, etc.
Reason: The Encyclopedia doesn't include enough information on monsters.
Checked Threads: 1 2 3 4

Note: I had more information and another link (can't remember what it was), but when I tried to post I was logged out, and I unfortunantly didn't copy my text before hitting submit after hitting preview. I will likely edit this once I remember.

I'm not too interested in helping people get bragging rights by saying "I have the highest EXP among everyone!" I'm more interested in helping the beginners play AQ so that they can make their own decisions. Sorry. ~ Ward_Point

The Green Guy -> RE: Guide Requests (12/1/2014 18:52:03)

Topic: "Spells"/Skills that cost SP (possibly including from items? though that would obviously make the list much more exhaustive)
Purpose: We're starting to see lots of "skill point" spells appear, and it would be nice to know the "what, where, & how" about them.
Reason: Warriors and Beastmaster builds, especially after the patch, stand to benefit greatly by adding these spells to their usually-blank inventory - especially now that, unless you make a hybrid mage build, MP spells can't be used.
Checked Threads: Everywhere; google search, forum search, I can't find anything specific - just snippets about Meteorbak (which is now a rare spell, I believe) and Drop the MOAP.

Ehhh... I try to avoid just a 'list' as a Guide. Instead I'll look into trying to combine a few small things here and there (Eg: Status infliction, since these usually go in tandem with skills) and a few other things. We are looking into this... although the idea I have is (probably) incredibly exhausting for the owner~ Ward_Point

Brasca123 -> RE: Guide Requests (2/23/2015 6:54:57)

Topic: "Ultimate Healer Guide"

Purpose: Healing spells got severely nerfed last patch, with many players saying they are useless now. This guide would show how to make the most out of healing (spells, pets, guests, weapons) in conjunction with defencive armours and imobility specials

Reason: Most guides go fully offensive stats and armour, leaving defensive players at a loss. The Healer would be a new class with CHA/END/LUK as its main stats and focus more on status effects than raw power of a weapon/armour/spell (since the status conditions dont need STR/DEX/INT to work)

Checked Threads: The Training Academy: Ultimate Ranger Guide, Status Conditions, Guide to All Regenerative and Vampiric Items of LORE(in progress)

"Small" problem: not 100% sure it would work at lvl 135/150. I do believe I could do such a guide, but needed to know if it's needed/possible before starting it.

edit: forget about it, i gave up on the idea, dunno how to delete my post though, if an AK or moderator could do it, it would be appreciated

Aertheron! -> RE: Guide Requests (12/31/2015 9:28:33)

Topic: "Beginner AQ Word list"

Purpose: For new players like myself to get to grips with all the ingame lingo

Reason: I just started playing and reading some guides, many of them are using words and sentences that are confusing to me.

An example of this is 0 Proc Weapon/Armor/Shield/ETC. I have searched the forum and google for an explanation but can't find one anywhere.
There are more of these words that are used to explain a game mechanic or other ingame thing, but the 0 Proc is the one that comes to mind most.


Topic: "Beginner Quest guide"

Purpose: For new players like myself, to know which quests outside the intro are a must play.

Reason: I started playing AQ but the game is so big, that it's hard to know what to do first, preferrably I would start with quests that are beginner friendly, and are the beginning of a story-line.

arcrmaster -> RE: Guide Requests (2/9/2016 1:46:36)

Topic: Things that have Changed over the years
Purpose: To help those who have come back and do not understand what has happened.
Reason: For those of us who have come back to this game after years of not playing, there has been many changes gear wise, monster wise, event wise and what not. This means that there may be newer mechanics we don't understand or where the best gears are located. This would help those who return to finding the most optimal items
Checked Threads: Many of there equipment comparisons, but with all the abbreviations being used, many people may end up lost.

Mark77777 -> RE: Guide Requests (4/6/2016 17:22:58)

Topic: Guide to endgame Fully Offensive Pure Warrior Equipments that include all the rares + z-tokens items (other variations later on)
Purpose: To help those at level 150 who have come back and just want to see if they have the "best" (in terms of damage for FO given MC compression)
Reason: For those of us who have come back to this game after years of not playing, there has been many changes gear wise, monster wise, event wise and what not. This means that there may be newer mechanics we don't understand or where the best gears are located. This would help those who return to finding the most optimal items
Checked Threads: Many of there equipment comparisons, but a lot are outdated and only compare parts. The Training Academy guides are meant mainly for new players.

Purpose, reason, checked threads are almost the same as previous post.

Should be similar to this.

big E -> RE: Guide Requests (10/22/2016 11:42:11)

I hope this thread is still in use? Last staff edit was almost 2 years ago. Oh well, if I get no response in a long time I'll just have to PM someone about it. Anyway, here goes.

Topic: Ultimate Guide to Titles
Purpose: Provide a complete, exhaustive and well-sorted list of all the titles in the game, including rare and custom titles. Also provide basic guidance to how the titles system works.
Reason: We have a great explanation thread in Q&A, but no actual full list of available titles. Attempts have been made to compile them - here is the most recent attempt - but no exhaustive list has ever been made, let alone kept up to date. There is also no sorting system - a player looking for a cool title will want to know whether an existing title is freely available, requires a real-money purchase or is unavailable. Hence I want to sort them all into (at least) 4 categories: free, package, rare and custom. The plan is to compile a full list by means of Butterfly's post and an active GD thread, and since I personally tend to play every release I don't think keeping it constantly updated will be a problem.
Checked threads: the two linked above; also been looking for other title-related threads across the forum without luck.

Lodi -> RE: Guide Requests (4/20/2017 2:49:26)

Hello! Quick questions if I may.. I have finally made optimal stats for my 'Power Hybrid" character according to the Guide to Optimal Stats comprised in 2011.
200 STR
200 DEX
200 INT
75 END

At level 135

My questions is this: Are these still the correct Stats being used to present day for the game? or have they been updated to a higher level here in 2017?
And if there is another guide where can I find it on the forum please...

Thank-You for your time on this matter,



Mr. Roguish -> RE: Guide Requests (5/7/2018 12:42:52)

Topic: Guide for misc's for element and level (like how weapons, armors, and shields have)
Purpose: Allow players to find a particular misc that could potentially fit their play style or build and potentially give "suggesters" an idea of things potentially lacking in the game.
Reason: There isn't one and it makes finding on that you might be looking for incredibly difficult because the only basis at this point that we have is to try to figure out what it does based off of the name and spending the time to go into each and every misc encyclopedia page.
Checked Threads: Miscellaneous encyclopedia; if it is somewhere else, I'm suggesting it be displayed here as well how the weapons, armors, shields, and spells have their lists by element and level on their respective encyclopedia threads.

cowmoo275 -> RE: Guide Requests (5/25/2018 11:27:49)

Topic: Current guide for best pets/guests for beastmaster build
Purpose: to compile a list of the best endgame pets and guests and where to find them since the encyclopedia is extremely out of date...
Reason: Searching all forums and google searches and youtube videos, the closest guide I can find is from over a year ago. Much has changed since then and I'm trying to create a pet build with pretty much no information except for the minimal in-game descriptions
Checked Threads:: Pretty much all the guide threads, as well as extensive google and youtube surfing. If I missed a link, please PM me the link it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the help

KingInTheNorth -> RE: Guide Requests (8/7/2018 6:01:04)

It should be fine to post this here, right?

It's not fully up to date, but it should give you a good general idea of what equipment to go for. While we try to update it regularly, I am both busy and lazy as are the other writers, so a lot of work definitely needs to be done.

tman2177 -> RE: Guide Requests (2/16/2020 17:38:32)

Can you make a misc item guide if one doesn't exist already?
Misc items are very important part to any build and can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Because these items are so essential, it would be nice to have info of the best misc items that adventurers/guardians need to make truly powerful builds. I am trying to find info to find the best misc items for my level but so far, I have yet to find a decent guide to misc items.

>>>>Side Note<<<<
I see there are Warrior, Ranger and Mage guides, but I don't see any Hybrid guides on the menu.

Mr. Roguish -> RE: Guide Requests (6/1/2021 0:50:48)

Topic: The Training Academy: Ultimate Block/Dodge Guide
Purpose: A comprehensive guide for people attempting to play a dodge build character and/or attempting to maximize their blocking/dodging ability/chances at the varying degrees of thr chance they are willing to get hit in relation to the sacrifice of damage dealing capabilities.
I am willing to pioneer this, however I struggle with the numbers of the averages of the monster's stats at the player's corresponding level and only really know end game numbers
Reason: There is an emerging expressed desire of players to play dodge builds and none of the Training Academy guides expressedly cover this aspect. All the Training Academies focus on stats to properly use a specific type of weapon and how to either deal the most damage or reduce the HP loss of receiving damage instead of avoiding it all together. None of the guides go into the nuances of the multiple ways that defense can be achieved and the corresponding builds that can attempt what with the corresponding pros and cons
Checked Threads: All the Training Academies

PD -> RE: Guide Requests (8/29/2021 0:05:51)


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