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geopetal -> Twilly vs. Zorbak (4/6/2006 17:24:40)


Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Twilly vs Zorbak

Zorbak: Meh hehehe….
Twilly: Hiya Zorbak! What are you doing here? Last time we saw you, you were walking off with your long-lost brother Kabroz!
Zorbak: Twilly! How nice to see your big red football-shaped noggin once again.
Zorbak: To answer your question, I was rather happy to find my brother. I never thought he had it in him…
Twilly: What do you mean? He was the one who turned a whole Moglin village into a ghost town!
Zorbak: Yes! How cool is that? He made me so proud!
Zorbak: He was always the quiet underachiever when we were children.
Zorbak: At last I have found someone who is ALMOST an equal of my incredible talent!
Zorbak: You have just seen the first result of our combined powers… but those freaks were nothing compared to what we can do!
Twilly: Why… you… you… You are a bad, bad Moglin!
Zorbak: Mehehe… Muhahahaha!! Don’t push it you little plush-doll-looking punk, or thou shalt be owned.
Twilly: Is that…. A CHALLENGE?!
Zorbak: Muhahaha! I’ve waited so long to do this!
Twilly: Um… Do what exactly?
Zorbak: PUNT TWILLY!!!!
Twilly: Hey, that’s very disrespectful!! Anyway, did you forget about what makes me so special??
Zorbak: Special? What kind of special? Special-special, or just special?
Twilly: *grumble grumble*
Twilly: Silly ebil Moglin! Twilly is special because Twilly is a great HEALER, okay??!
Twilly: A-HAH!! Now, feel the true wrath of Twilly!!
Zorbak: There’s something to be said for offensive magic.
Zorbak: Let this be a lesson to you. As a hero of mine once said: “Ebil will always win over good, because good is dumb!”
Zorbak: Mehehehehe.

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