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Beautiful Oblivion

Location: Z-Token Weapon Shop
Price: 2 500 4,700 Z Tokens
Sellback: 2 250 4,230 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 1 250 2,350 Z-Tokens
Level: 55

Element: Wind or Light
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 8-32 11-43
BTH: 5%

Hits: 4
Element: Light, Light, Wind, Wind
Attack Type: Magic, Magic, Ranged, Ranged
Damage: 100% Base and Random each
B2H: +15% each
Stat Bonues: No
Rate: 25%

By clicking on the hilt, you can change the Element for the normal attack between Wind and Light.

This mighty mace draws on the power of two elemental realms. You can switch between Light and Wind damage by clicking on the bottom of the handle. It also has a powerful 4-hit special attack.

Thanks to master of the gates, Ghost of Cloud, Dire Wolf9, Dropkick Murphy and Reyn Roadstorm. Image thanks to UltraGuy.

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