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Reens -> Energy Cleaver (3/6/2005 21:13:36)

Energy Cleaver

Price: 4 000 410
Sellback: 2 000 3 000 205
Level: 45
Location: Yulgar's Beginner Yulgar's Intermediate Shop Yulgar's Beginner Shop, Dynami Clan Shop

Element: Energy
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 6-24 8-32
B2H: +10%

Trigger: Name Contains Monster Category "Xyfrag"
Damage: 106-624 Element: ElementX

A good energy weapon normally, the cleaver is a combo of Drakel magiscience and excellent blacksmithing that is rumoured to have a special effect against a certain enemy.


New trigger from irobot99999. Image from TheHunted. Triggered image from Rathour. New prices thanks to In Media Res and BlackAces.

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