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Fighter Armor

Level: 10
Price: 1,000 296 Gold
Sellback: 500 148 Gold
Location: Fighter Class Shop

DEFENSE:  Level 1  Levels 2-6  Levels 7-10 
Melee:       25        25         30 
Ranged:      20        25         25 
Magic:       20        20         25  
ELEMENTAL MODIFIERS: Level 1  Levels 2-5  Levels 6-10 
      Fire:            100        100         100 
      Water:           100         95          95 
      Wind:            100        100          95 
      Ice:             100        100          95 
      Earth:           100         95          95 
      Energy:          100        100         100 
      Light:           100        100         100 
      Darkness:        100        100         100

Description: The base class Fighter armor! Only get this if you want to be a fighter or more advanced fighter class. This class will let you master Weapon Proficiency, Call Friend, Intense Focus an Power Attack!

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 100 % Base, Random, and Stats
BtH: +0%

Melee player attacks gain +5 BtH and -5 BtH to Magic Spells.



Level 1: Weapon Proficiency

Imbue your strikes with melee proficiency. For 1 SP per round you make an attack, your attacks are converted to melee.

(This skill can be toggled on and off.)

Effect:Converts all player attacks to melee.
SP Cost: 1 SP on turn in which a conversion happens

Level 2: Improved Armor

Your armor has been upgraded, granting you better defence and resistances.

Level 3: Brutal Strike

Make a brutal but inaccurate attack to inflict extra deamage on your enemies!

Hits: 1
Damage: 120% Base and 110% Random with a special stat bonus
BTH: -5
SP Cost: 10

Level 4: Intense Focus

Focus your mind on dealing damage, reducing your defences but making your attacks more powerful and giving a small chance to strike a crushing blow!

(This skill can be toggled on and off)

Effect: -5 to all defences, All player attacks have their base and random damage multiplied by 1.1, there's a 10% chance the attack will be a Crushing Blow and damage will be multiplied by 1.3 instead.
SP Cost: 0

Level 5: Call Friend

Call a Friend to accompany you into battle! He makes a 2-hit attack!

Effect: Summons Fighter Friend
SP Cost: 40

Level 6: Reinforced Armor - Guardian Only

You have upgraded your armor again, improving your defences and resistance!

Level 7: Combat Expertise - Guardian Only

Your training grants you +5 BtH on your melee attacks!

Effect: All melee player attacks gain +5 BtH
SP Cost: 0 Sp

Level 8: Double Attack - Guardian Only

Strike two quick blows at the cost of accuracy!

Hits: 2
Damage: 75% Base and 50% Random each
BtH: -5
Element: Same as weapon
Attack Type: Same as weapon
SP Cost: 15

Level 9: Strength Boost - Guardian Only

Increase your Strength by 10 for the duration of the battle!

(This skill can be toggled on and off)
SP Cost: 15 SP
Effect: Increase Strength by 10.

Level 10: Power Attack - Guardian Only

Make a single powerful but inaccurate strike!

Hits: 1
Damage: 200% Base and Random
BtH: -5
SP Cost: 20 SP

Signature Ability: If your class title is "Fighter", the chance of Intense Focus being a Crushing Blow is increased by 1% per class level.

Skill tree image thanks to .*..*..*.. Armour image from feral__john. Corrections from Archmagus Orodalf and Hidden Test. Guardian requirements from Rhowena.

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