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Pae -> The Maze (8/11/2006 20:14:46)

Location: Isle d'Oriens -> Boiler Room -> click around the room a bit, Vince will appear when you click the right thing. Click him to talk to him. Click through the dialogue and agree to help him. Most options will eventually lead to it ;)

Vince: Want to know a secret?
Vince: I've been secretly working on a transcelular-minifyer and I just tweaked the last adjestments. Do you want to be my unfortunate test subject?
Vince: My last victims shrunk so small that i've lost them somewhere, but if you could see them, I'm sure you would see that they are good and healthy. So are you up for it?

(Options: Shrink me!!! (Continue) | No thanks (Return to the room just before the scene with Vince.))

(shrinking animation)

Vince: Success! And you didn't even explode!
You: So what now? do you have a un-smallerfier machine tucked away somewhere?
Vince: Hmmm...I probably should have build that...Tell you what. I'll go make one, and in the meantime, you can run an errand for me.
You: Not to point out the obvious, but I can't exactly run as fast as I used to when I'm this low to the ground.
Vince: No problem! Here, use this small scale roundelay transportation device.
You: It's a hamster ball.......
Vince: No, it's faster than walking. Now hop in! Or do I need to put a little treat inside?
Vince: I need you to get a small sphere of roqfurt mineral. It smells a bit like cheese, so the vermin down here stole it. I'll put you in the mousehole so you can search their tunnels.
Vince: You have to be very quiet once inside. Do not touch any of the walls or else you'll be detected. Also, try to avoid the giant rat things. Use the arrow keys to move around the maze.

Scenario 1
(If you bump into a wall/mouse...)
You've been detected! What would you like to do?
(Options: Try Again (Returns you to the maze.) | Quit (Leave, see below.))
Vince: Too bad you couldn't find it for me. I have good news though! I remembered that shrink ray runs on photosynthetic juice!
Vince: So all you need to do is walk outside and you'll grow back to your normal self.
(Return to the room just before the scene with Vince.)

Scenario 2
(After obtaining the roqfurt...)
Vince: Congratulations! Now I can continue my work! Here is something to thank you.

Vince's Gold (30)
Vince's Gold (70)
Vince's Gold (100)

Vince: The shrink ray runs on photosynthetic juice, so if you want to get big again, just walk outside. You can come back to my boiler room any time!

(Return to the room just before the scene with Vince.)

Tips Section
The Maze is NO LONGER the same every time. The "cheese" will appear in random spots in the maze now. There are 4 possible locations, roughly in the four corner areas.
All mouse movement has a pattern and stays the same, so try to guess at the pattern from the view that you have.
Move carefully and try not to rush. There are plenty of safe spots in the area to wait and watch.
If you're having a lot of trouble, using the maximum game resolution might help, if your computer can handle it.

Update noticed by rearines. Typo correction from UltraGuy.

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