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Pae -> Bug Swarm (8/11/2006 21:56:05)

Location: Isle D'Oriens (Hint: You see the bugs in the air, so figure out a way up. It isn't in the same place that the airship is found. That's the only hint allowed.)

(Without the proper item...)
You: Beware of the swarm? I wonder what that means...

(With the proper item... read below for a good hint ;) )

Lady Tomo: I've been thinking, maybe the reason why the seed hasn't been doing anything is because I havn't fed it the right type of food.
Lady Tomo: The swarm you're seeing right now comes rarely, but when it does, the bugs arrive in a spectacular number.
Lady Tomo: We usually shelter ourselves during this event, but maybe you could try catching a few. Set the seed at the top of this wall and what happens!

You control the seed. Use the left and right arrow keys to catch as many bugs as you can during the 45 second swarm pulses. If you catch enough bugs, your seed will continue growing. If you fail, you'll have to wait until the next wave of bugs.

(There are 4 levels (catch 15 bugs for Level 1, 30 bugs for Level 2, 45 bugs for Level 3, 60 for Level 4). You only have 45 seconds for each level. Progress is saved by last completed level; it doesn't seem like it when you return to the game, but it starts on the right one. You also have the choice to 'Continue!' or 'Take a Break!' after each level. You can also pause the game at any time by clicking 'Pause'.)

Scenario 1 (didn't catch enough bugs):
(If you can't catch the right number of bugs, you have two options: 'Try Again!' or 'Give Up!'. If you continue, you'll start on the level that you didn't complete. If you give up, you return to the courtyard.)

Scenario 2 (game completion):
(Shop: Flogg)
(Return to the courtyard. The mini-game is repeatable; you'll start at Level 4 and have a change to get a Flogg again.)

Tips Section
General Tips
The seed moves at the same speed throughout the whole mini-game, so don't expect it to move any faster.
Watch the speed of the bugs and try to guess which one will hit first. Go after that one.
Pay attention to the size of the seed. Imagine a tight rectangle being around the entire seed. As long as one edge of that touches a bug, you've caught it.
Things get more fast paced with each level.
The pattern of bug appearance changes each time, so a repeated level could become easier or harder.
Sometimes you'll see some bug "mobs" where they're stacked on top of each other. Go after those.

Tips by Level
1: It's slow paced and pretty much an introduction to the game. You need to go to each bug. Don't wait for them to come to you.
2: The bugs start moving faster here, and some will likely crash into the wall. Don't worry. Also, don't wait for the bugs that are "crawling" through the air; you can get those after the faster moving ones, or you'll end up missing others. Don't go for the bugs that are making a mad dash for the wall (unless others aren't approaching), since those will likely hit the wall before you can get there and miss others.
3: It's even faster, so more bugs will be missed. Remember to use the full rectangle. A leaf on the left side will be sticking out on the wall but won't reach above the wall; however, you can still use it to catch bugs.
4: It's faster again, pay attention to where most of the bugs are coming from and stay near that area. Once again, remember to use the full rectangle.)

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