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Trophy Hunt

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Trophy Hunt.
Prerequisite: Level 10

After a long and arduous journey, you reach the wilderness camp of Shogg Fenn, renowned Monster Hunter. For a price, Fenn will let you try to track down the elusive and dangerous creatures hiding deep within one of the most impenetrable forests on Lore....

Fenn: shhhhhh.... Do'na even breathe...
Fenn: The beasts tha' live here don' even need to see or smell or hear you coming. They can just FEEL you. They know when someone is here who isn't WELCOME.
Fenn: But you needn't be their guest.... because you're MINE. I'm Shogg Fenn, and I've hunted monsters since I was but a wee lad.
Fenn: I killed a two-bear when I was but 3 years old! Me mother still has the rug I made from it to this day.
Fenn: Today we shall hunt the Raydius Dragon! This beast is ferocious, but slaying one will yield great rewards: lots of gold, experience and a trophy item!
Fenn: For the privilege of this hunt, I ask for a small fee. The more you pay, the more chances you get to find the beast!

Fenn: Excellent! Allow me to count your tokens....

Fenn: Sorry to hear that you canna pay for this hunt! Come back later when you have enough tokens. (Return to Battleon)
*Thanks to Esbem for this info

Fenn: Your payment will give you 5 chances at finding the beast! Now, off to hunt with ya'!!


Level 25 and Below
Raydius Dragon
Seed Spitter
Giant Spider
Undead Archer
Werewolf Warrior (5)
Orc Footsoldier
Sneak (15)
Level 26-49
Raydius Dragon
Young Minotaur
Little BURP
Orc Swordsman
Ferocious Chrask
Sneak (35)
Junior Zard Pack
Orc Footsoldier
Level 50 and Above
Raydius Dragon
Sneak (50)
Minotaur Prime
Ferocious Chrask
Sneak (35)
Orc Swordsman
Little BURP

If you do not Find the Raydius Dragon
Fenn: You did your best without dying, an' that's all that matters. You can always try again!!
You can choose to Leave or Hunt Again!
Leave takes you back to Battleon

If you find and defeat the Raydius Dragon
Fenn: Hehehe, I canna believe my eye... you found and bested the beast! You are a true Hunter. Have a trophy to show off your accomplishment!

Head of Raydius Dragon

Fenn: Come back again! The same rare beast or a different one will be waiting when you next come here to hunt!!
Leave or Hunt Again!

Thanks to Mogster. And Sora Aeragorn for the location. Additional thanks to AVA.

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