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Pae -> The Memories of a Gecko/The Not So Epic Tale of the Gecko on a Tree (AKA Pae's Quest) (8/12/2006 1:13:55)

Location: Location: Isle D'Oriens (Hint: Think gecko. Normally, pestering the gecko is bad... but it's good, in this case, if you want to find the quest. That's the only hint allowed.)

You: Great, I've been swallowed. Now how do I get out of here?
Pae: You don't. You poke, I eat.
You: Maybe there's something I can find in here to let me out.

Look through Pae's stomach acid for a way out.

(Click around. Be careful, though, you lose a bit of health with each unsuccessful click. After you find the note and gecko within a gecko (Locations are a secret.)...)

You suddenly feel strange...The bubbling of the stomach acid seems far way by now and the air feels cold.

You have left the insides of the critter, and have entered into...

The Memories of a Gecko

(After that, a story shows up. It's also in a book on Isle d'Oriens. You'll need to read the story to find information that you'll need, which is hinted at in the note.)

Pae: Welcome to my memories, time for some fun. You read my story, now you'll live the next part of it.
Pae: The story ended with me fleeing from the Drakel stronghold sounding alarms. Relive this moment. Help me escape.
Pae: Avoid the Drakel attacks. While you're at it, have fun causing a bit of chaos.

(screen with directions, graphics quality, option to exit to Pae's stomach, etc.)

Scenario 1 (captured):
Pae: Ah, not used to running, hmm? Better brush up on some skills before trying again.
Pae: Ready? Good. Get back in my memory and finish it. How do you expect me to tell you what I say not, if I never made it out of the forest to say it?
(Options: Try Again | Quit (Return to Pae's stomach.))

Scenario 2 (success):
Pae: I hear someone else coming, time to hide!

(Pae transforms into a gecko; Lady Tomo walks over.)

Lady Tomo: What a cute little Gecko...

(There's some text, part story, part hint. Read it carefully.)

(When the proper combination is entered, a drawer with a feather slides out. You don't lose HP for guessing incorrectly. When you click the correct location (which is also a spoiler)...)

You: Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Pae: Hahahahaha, okay okay, I'll let you out! Just stop moving around!

(outside of Pae's stomach...)

You: Well that was one of the strangest things i've ever had to do...
You:So...Do I get a prize?
Pae: A prize? Sure, why not. You stop poking me, and I'll give you the Pae Form armor.
You: Deal!

(Shop: Gecko Armor)

(Return to the courtyard.)

Tips Section
Fleeing from the Drakel
There are three obstacles: objects on the ground, Drakel jumping in front and knocking Pae down, and Drakel claws.
For the objects on the ground, hit the up arrow to jump up. Try not to jump any later than when Pae's shadow touches the object/object's shadow.
For the Drakel attacks, the down arrow works great, since there's less movement.
Claw Attack: Wait until the claws are fully out and snapping near the Drakel before hitting the down arrow key.
Jump Attack: Hit the down arrow key after the Drakel has landed.

Tickling 101
From staying to escaping: no pop up -> *Snicker* -> *Giggle* -> *Hehehehehe* -> *Bwahahahaha* (found the right spot)
Click at random to get started. When you get some indication that you're close, move by small increments. By the time you get Pae giggling, moving in a circle might help to pinpoint the right spot.

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