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Greater Zardbane

Also see: Lesser Zardbane, Zardbane, Sharp Zardbane, Great Zardbane, Killer Zardbane, Zardbane Supreme and Collector's Edition Zardbane

Level: 100
Power Level: 110
Price: 8,150 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 7,335 Z-Tokens the first 48 Hrs ; 4,075 Z-Tokens After
Location: Frogzard Hunter Shop / Frogzard Hunter: Quest 4

Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 12-40
BTH: 14

  • Against Monster Category "Zard" the weapon deals 119.9% damage and greater element seeks (standard eight elements + Harm)
  • Against anything else, the weapon deals 103.55% damage.

    A massively powerful light weapon constructed by Zhilo. When it encounters Zard monsters it deals extra damage at the Zard`s weakest element.

    Old Triggered Image

    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Images courtesy of Baruman.

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